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December 2018 Vacay Round-Up [Part 2]

Hope everyone is starting 2019 with a bang!

And continuing where I left off...our family vacay last year, like it was just yesterday. Hmm, it was. 🀣🀣🀣

Day 5 and I put EB in this Polarn O. Pyret outfit that has some cat designs. Not a cat lover but this was cute!

Mum wanted to spend the last day at our nearby mall and we hopped into River Island when I saw this jackets. My mum egged me to buy this. So I did. And I also saw a blush mini-me one for EB. So I got her one too. Heh heh

Brought my mum to my fav pho cafe and had this chendol-like drink. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Best. Pho. Everrrrr!

And the next morning, my mum flew back to SG. D was slated to arrive on the same day but in the evening. Which meant, I just needed to stay sane with the two kids until then. About 10 hours.

First order of business - breakfast. Back to our neighbourhood cafe for some kiddy/babycino and load up on coffee for mummy.

I caved and let them watch some videos while waiting for breakfast. Then I caved somemore and let them continue watching while I ate and fed them breakfast.

Then we headed home and I dunno what came over me, but I decided to let them paint while I cooked lunch. Oh gosh the mess. Good thing I had the wisdom to cover the table with the Primark paper bag first. But their painting eventually became just a big slob of weird brown/grey puddle. So I threw them all away after. 🀣🀣

And then HALLELUJAH! Daddy arrived!!

Basically from here on out, I became the second-choice parent. Most of the time anyway. Not complaining!

Hahaha had to include this convo with my mum. Everybody always asks about the kids. Nobody asks if I am ok de. Husband also liddat. Own mother also liddat. #demoted

A spontaneous moment...

So on the flight to London, D serendipitously met with a JC-mate who was also travelling with her family. She told him about this ski resort in Austria that they were heading to after a few days in the UK and somehow was so convincing that D said we should join them. We were flying up to Edinburgh the next day, for what was supposed to be a roadtrip to Aviemore at the Cairngorm Mountain, spend a week there and head to Edinburgh and spend a few days in the city before flying back to London.

In one spontaneous moment, we decided to scrap the stay in Edinburgh, changed our return to London by a few days, fly immediately the same day at the same airport to Zurich, and take a 2-hour ride to the ski resort at Oberlech Austria.

This is why, we ALWAYS have to book (as far as possible) with free cancellation even if it is a bit more expensive than non-refundable.

Day 7 was for last minute buying of essentials and packing. We headed to the Decathlon nearby which by the way, is now my husband’s favourite store. We went to buy some ski-wear and essentials to make sure the kids have appropriate clothing for snow.

Day 8: London ✈️ Edinburgh

First time travelling through London City Airport which is much nearer to our apartment and also not as big and crowded. Our mistake was not checking in both out strollers, or at least 1, and having way too many handcarry. Cos there were no aerobridges and loads of stairs. So it was a real struggle but thanks to help from fellow passengers, we managed and survived.

EB sat with me while...

ED sat with Daddy. Cos he wanted to. Like I said, everybody wanted Daddy once he arrived. I was so happy to get the easier child, pls.

Look like Baby Spice??? Hahaha

Hello Edinburgh!

GOT OUR CAR! Yaaaassss big carrrr!!!

It was a real feat trying to fit all our bags and barangs in but we DID it. The kids got comfy and started snacking. We had a 2.5hour road trip and had to also make a pit stop for late lunch/early dinner and some groceries at our accommodation in Aviemore. down...

And another two.

Suffice to say, we had quite a peaceful road trip. A bit harrowing cos D was still a little jetlagged and he was driving. Had to try and keep him awake!

We picked a two-storey house for our stay at Aviemore. It was such a great choice cos there was so much space for the kids to play and run about. Here’s a vid of the kitchen and dining.

Laundry room.

Living room which kinda became their playroom.

And there were 3 bedrooms and enough wardrobe space in all 3! This is the master bedroom that came with an ensuite. There is also a common toilet with bath and shower along the corridor.

Twin room which I had envisage to be the kids’ room. In the end, only ED slept here. Cos EB wanted to sleep with Daddy. πŸ™„

And I took this double bed as mine. Muahahahahaaaaa!

There is also quite a nice backyard that slopes downwards. I can imagine it must be so nice to sit out there in spring or summer. A tad cold for December. There was also a garage. Basically a proper PROPER home.

No, we are not buying a home in Aviemore. 🀣🀣🀣

Some geography lesson on Aviemore first. It’s a nice little town with a well-stocked Tesco nearby, several sports shop which was great cos we stocked up on more winter/ski/snow wear for kids and adults alike. There are also lots of activities and attractions nearby, which we did a few of. We also drove further away for other attractions that the Scottish Highlands were famous for, and took in some of those breathtaking sights.

Day 9:

Stopped by the side of the road to take this photo of the Loch Ness behind me.

EB also had a shot. None of ED cos...

Yup. Almost hypnotic these car rides.

Was recommended this place to take in the best views of Loch Ness. Also great for some history lesson on Scotland. I enjoyed it. The kids weren’t too impressed. I had to tell EB to pretend she was Merida on an adventure to keep her interested.

Neh. Bored. But what a beautiful background!

Selfie time!

Really beautiful! And not too over-crowded by tourists.

D always want to take a photo of me with the scenery. Always. Sometimes it gets on my nerves. Hahaha

And when you get the 2yo to take a photo...🀣🀣

Day 12: Cairngorm Reindeer Centre

We were there a tad too late and missed the trek up to feed the reindeers. But we could still see some at the Paddock - the ones here are usually those that need a little more TLC, otherwise they are left free-ranging on the hillside.

EB πŸ‘€ Reindeer

EB was excited about a reindeer which had the same name as her.

Since we missed the feeding, we drove up to the mountain to check out the view.

It was cold and very windy.

Very, very windy.

The next morning, we were determined to make it for the feeding. So we reached the centre even before they opened at 10am and spent about 10mins waiting outside. Got in once it opened to guarantee a spot! Yesss!

Just as we were to leave and have a hot drink...this guy stood on the top of the stairs and refused to move. Turns out, he was pooping.

Anyway we made it to the meeting point for a 20-min trek up the hills. This was mid-point where we had to cross a stream. EB did well and walked most of it on her own up and down. ED on the other hand...we had to take turns to carry him. Daddy up, Mummy down.

Saw a 6-month-old reindeer calf!

It was so cool to see all these free-ranging reindeer, who knows that everyday at 11am or so, a bunch of humans will be on the hill with yummy snacks for them. So they will congregate at the holding area on their own.

Reindeers and I. Very cold and windy!

Feeding time!

EB, reindeer and I.

She really has no fear of animals and she LOVES being up close with them. ED was also interested but he was more cautious, preferring to look from afar rather than be so close. He had a meltdown towards the end cos he wanted to go back to the car but the father-and-daughter duo was not done. That’s why I had to carry him all the way down. My back was killing me after!

Day 14 and we are on the road for another 2 hour drive to another castle. The ride there was incredible. We really got to take in the beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Weather was also wonderful the few days we were there. So blessed!

Hills and valleys!

Eilean Donan castle. Apparently, quite a few films were done on location at this castle.

Selfie time again!

These kids always like to go to the gift shop to get a souvenir. ED wanted his bag of an highland cow. πŸ˜“

And EB wanted this mermaid. I said no. Daddy said ok. Guess who won. πŸ™„


Really incredible.

Day 13: Highland Wildlife Park

We decided to take it easy for our final day in Aviemore and just head to the wildlife park which was about 20mins away. This was cool cos there was a drive-through area of the park where you could see some of the animals from the comfort of your car.

There were polar bears,

cannot rem what this is, some kinda deer-life animal?

Yah same. Or not. I cannot rem la.

Bisons! Wooooahhh

And back at the polar bears.

We went into the walking area of the park and headed to the polar bears first cos there was a feeding session!

EB kept asking when it was happening. The ones behind her are males. The females and cub (yes, there was one!) are kept separate in another enclosure.

ED and polar bears.

Feeding time!!

Also checked out the snow leopards who also had their feeding time!

Then somebody got distracted cos it started to snow!!!

Snow fox was also cute and fluffehhhh!

Last but not least, the amur tiger. There were two. One found the food but this blur one could not find it. So all the kids were wondering why and hoping he’d find the big slab of πŸ– .

There were other animals but we just concentrated on a few which we don’t usually get to see.

Hot choc break while it snowed outside!!

Nothing like the innocence of children, experiencing snow for the first time.

And that was basically what we did during the 5 days at Aviemore.

Next up, 🎿!

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