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EB’s 5th Birthday Celebration: Part 1

March is EB’s birthday month. And because her birthday comes right at the end of the month, she typically gets like a run up of celebrations and parties leading to her actual birthday.

EB’s Birthday Celebration Part 1: School Celebration

This term’s theme for the K1s is about water. They learnt about the water cycle, different states of water and different types of weather, and water usage and conservation. Very interesting! So for their end-of-term party, they were to dress up according to the theme. EB put this outfit together.

ED’s theme was completely different but he FOMO, so...🤣🤣

Anyway, I decided to have her school celebration on the last day of school which is the end-of term party. So we only need to prep the cake for food contribution! Lolol. ALSO, cos we will be away during her actual birthday, so just celebrate in advance la.

When I asked her what cake she would like, she told me 小水滴💧.

I was like 😦. Where to find one?!?!

Enter @thankgodforpink who came to my rescue!!!


How genius right?!?! It’s a cookie cake! Egg- and diary-free which is AWESOME, plus CHECK OUT ALL THAT SPRINKLES!

I tell you, I instantly became legit most popular parent amongst kids and teachers!

They ate it all up by the way. I didn’t get to try it at all.

ED came out of his class to join in the celebration. While waiting for Jiejie to return to class, he attempted to sneak a bit. No la, he said he was just pointing. 😝😝

Getting ready to sing bday song. Yah, Esther told me to bring a proper knife to cut cake. Cos cookie harder to cut. I came very prepared!!

Won’t be showing any pics of her classmates singing and taking photos with her out of respect for them and their parents.

One with Most Valuable Mummy!

2 of her 3 Laoshis. One of them was not around that day.

Time to...



I also ordered some cookie bags from Esther to give to the kids and teachers (in place of a goodie bag). She thought it was better to put in a little container so the kids won’t squash it. The best! So cute loh! In EB’s fav pink colour and with a little 💧 too! Omgosh and the cookies were so good. I finished one container in a day hello. (Had extras cos some classmates were already on holiday.)

So that was Part 1 of her celebration.

3 more parts to go. Sorta.

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