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mummy to 1st baby gal bella.

December 2018

Busy with xmas gathering at granny.Having kids around blowing bubbles, eating cakes and playing.My heart is full.

Korean Dramas

Watching sky castle ep 1Quite interesting and i like the show because it is quite relevant to singapore context.The show talks about 4 familiies and their struggle to get their kids to top medial school, it shows how the mommy gives up and use extreme methods to get their kids to the top. It shows how atas people look down on families too. I love this show.#skycastle

Dayre 2.0

Dayre 2.0The issue is you are paying annual sub fee to create contents or wrote and share. Influencers or popular bloggers are paid to create content but we arent.Many of the dayrean i followed and enjoy reading their post have stopped using this platform this year since the announcement of dayre closing down this year. I will decide if i will continue dayre if the dayrian who i follow still remains. If yes i will pay.

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