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Welcome to my rant world~

May 2017

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Sephora First Sale of the year

What I bought today at Sephora 20% sale!! Really really cut down on what I want to buy Vs what I need!Hehe though one of them is a want more than a need: Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance Roll On Perfume. Let's just say I'm trying out a more mature scent in preparing for zee workplace next year~ I used to and still am adoring fruity n sweet scents but maybe a change of smell will take me someplace better? 🙃

April 2017

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Splurge during exam period / Stress

I'm really loving this currently after a few uses! Introduced by pony from her make up videos. Really easy to use n doesn't show up obviously as compared to using double eyelid tape which was what I was using previously.

March 2017

The worst feeling that you let yourself care again for the stuff that aren't worth your heart aching.. Because the other side won't even twitch at anything..

February 2017

Lost faith in humanity

January 2017

Sometimes you question yourself, "What have I done to deserve this? What have I done to deserve these friends treating me this way?" There is no definite answer, that is even if you ask the person directly. The person may choose to avoid arguing by lying to you. Maybe I should just change the way of how my brain thinks. That person definitely doesn't deserve you if they keep treating you badly/coldly etc. After the endless questioning that I just put myself through and through.

It's not about what you wear, or what brand you're wearing. It's the attitude you are carrying. #swag

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