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updated 3 years ago

Why so serious!? 😱

Wow..... How did that yellow bruise come about?! I'm really shocked by how serious this injury has become. 😡😱

Doctor said no contact with water for a week. I haven't washed my face and hair for two days and I'm feeling super yucky.

Some people wash their hair everyday out of habit but for me it's a necessity. My hair is so thick that no air passes through and it gets very humid and oily and smelly inside. 😨😟

I think I will go to my neighborhood salon for a wash today. Use a towel to cover the wound.

I have a good mind to make a 'bruise-inspired eye makeup tutorial' using colors from my eye injury. Hahaha! Quite nice what, there's plum, yellow, green....

All meetings and events have to be canceled this week. 😒 So apologetic towards all the people I've brought trouble to.

Previously I was wishing I could have one week of break, just doing nothing so I can blog more often. See la! Now my wish has come true, but at a great expense. #becarefulwhatyouwishfor

Washing some of my makeup brushes. Won't be using them for at least a week, so might as well keep them clean. There are about 70 brushes here... took me about an hour.

They are stacked in the photo but that's because I just brought them out from the kitchen where I was washing them. I don't leave them to dry stacked up! πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…

That's my bag of medicine from the hospital. 😩

#Hakuhodo babies and one lonely #Koyudo.

I have been doing nothing productive since the hospital visit - just eating and sleeping coz the medicine makes me super drowsy. But there are so many things to be done and I feel guilty not being able to submit work on time during this period. Yet, I really don't have energy to do much. I hope people will understand and not be angry with me. πŸ˜§πŸ˜·πŸ˜“

Day 112

Tuesday, 22 Apr 2014

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paulalogy (avatar)

paulalogy Get well soon @bunbunmakeuptips ☺️ take it as a short break from the daily hustle and bustle!

3 years ago

soyabeancurd (avatar)

soyabeancurd Why not put a waterproof bandaid to cover the wound and use surgical tape ard it for extra protection, then go wash ur hair and face? Get well soon!

3 years ago

evonnz (avatar)

evonnz Use bifesta or bioderma to clean face and then water on cotton pad to wipe off? (But I think you should know la haha). Sucks to have an injury... Get well soon!

3 years ago

beroindingshells (avatar)

beroindingshells @bunbunmakeuptips 😣so serious!! please take good care of yourself and the wound! don't worry you still pretty!

3 years ago

meishqinyaoorgary (avatar)

meishqinyaoorgary Wah! But wait till the wound recover can slowly rub those off bah...

3 years ago

mummymaine (avatar)

mummymaine Oh my. Take care babe!

3 years ago

summertea (avatar)

summertea @bunbunmakeuptips follow the doctor advice. I'm very sure you will heal well. avoid heaty, salty, seafood, nuts and chicken. Im always told to not eat these (fr the folks) when I had the incision.

3 years ago

Sunnybear (avatar)

Sunnybear Wow ur skin recover so fast. All ur pimples almost gone!

3 years ago

bunbunmakeuptips (avatar)

bunbunmakeuptips @paulalogy I would love to! But it's quite hard. Can't just wipe my face off the earth like that. Hahaha

3 years ago

bunbunmakeuptips (avatar)

bunbunmakeuptips @soyabeancurd Yeah that's what I did today! Kind of~~ haha

3 years ago

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