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words that cut deep into your soul

April 2019

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I forgot how much I liked spilling rubbish updates on this platform. Social media is undeniably more curated these days. What used to be “candid sharing” is now viewed as laziness. Even I check and review my Dayre posts before publishing.Yesterday was the first time in a long while I logged in to Dayre and just shared whatever flowed in my mind. Boy, did it feel good. So yes. Here I am again. Just sharing anything and everything!

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To add on, on personal development, I completely cut out smoking and drinking. I only smoked during mental breakdowns but I’ve been learning to control my emotions better and not rely on external coping methods.As for alcohol, I initially cut it out to lose weight. Then I realised not drinking makes my skin a whole lot better! And my bank account is much healthier, of course.

“So-and-so witnessed a serious car accident the other day. He went to check on the victim and all her limps were broken. He even flipped her around to make sure she’s still breathing.”“He WHAT?!”

January 2019

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