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April 2019

Screen time

Ellie has been getting an unprecedented amount of screen time. It’s totally my fault la. We had that TPL scare, I’m not feeling my 100%, she fell sick, it was just easier to hand her the phone or on the tv to pacify her and keep her quiet while I rest or do my things. But it’s been getting too much though? I don’t mind her watching Dave and Ava and the likes where they just sing songs but she’s recently discovered the world of toy reviews and those kinda rubbish.

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Went for my 35w scan today and my doc is requesting for me to do another growth scan next week. Abit sian cuz one scan is 350$ leh? We did one two weeks ago with my TPL scare and scallop was measuring small - 7th percentile to be exact apparently, which is why he wants the growth scan next week. Ok lor...

Last weekend broke me man. Ellie has developed this special ability to not speak when she’s unhappy. She whines. The entire weekend was filled with her whining it drove me and Ben crazy. She was just feral la this weekend.

My very precious Ellie, woke up at 3+am this morning, went into hysterics and could not be consoled. At all. She was screaming and crying and thrashing around for about 2hrs before we decided to bring her to emergency. Tried everything before that, milk, watch tv, pacifier, cuddles, Tula even, rocking her, nurofen. Nothing worked.

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My poor baby last night. When she woke up yesterday morning she was fine. She was abit grumpy but happy to go to school. She did look abit pale though but I thought nothing of it. I thought a day at school will help perk her up. She’ll get to play with her friends, eat a variety of foods etc. Also because I had errands to run la. I needed to buy groceries for the week. We ran out of rice and vegs etc and it’s just easier to get those done without her.

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Stuck at home with this one since Saturday. That’s 4 days of having her at home! Well at least we went out today, to see the doctor. I asked if she wanted to go daycare and she said no. She said she’s sick and she will go tomorrow when she feels better. Ooooookay my 16 year old daughter.

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