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Barely away for 2 days and I'm missing tehpeng, starbucks and hokkien mee. 😰

Finally showered and dried my hair! The resort we stayed at last night didn't have a hair dryer so I couldn't wash my hair. My hair does not dry on its own after hours, whether it's 12 or 24 hours. Cos it's bleached. Feels so goooood now!

The first two days of the trip have been pretty slow? We didn't visit much places cos we spent a lot of time on the roads to get to point A to B! Not quite getting used to it cos it's super long, like 5-6 hours drive?

Day One: After we touched down yesterday, we drove to Niagara Hotel. That drive was 6 hours long! Had dinner straight right after we arrived and it was time to relax, that's all! We basically did nothing except to travel to the hotel.😂

That's why nothing much to update also!

Day Two: Woke up at 645am, had breakfast and we were off by 8+! It was a 20 mins drive to the pier. Just near the hotel! Heading there cos we are taking a ferry to Samosir Island to visit the King's tomb.

The kind of ferry that we were going on. The ride wasn't too bad! I was quite worried cos I have very bad seasick? I popped 2 pills before that lah but sometimes I'll still puke. Thankfully the ride was manageable!

I think it's because it's not enclosed like Singapore's ones so there's wind and fresh air? Haha.

With Charlene on the ferry! See I can still take photos which means, I was still alive! 😂

The view we get 365 degrees. It's mountains, trees and LAKE TOBA everywhere. Believe it or not, we see Lake Toba everywhereeeee. From morning to night. At the hotel, we see it. Driving down to the pier, we see it too. On the ferry, we see it again! Even the whole afternoon too. To the extend when we hear these 2 words now, we are like "again?" 😂

Right now we are at another resort and yes, we are beside Lake Toba again!

Lake Toba is one of the largest lakes around. It's bigger than the whole of Singapore! Like wow. That's why everywhere we go, we are surrounded by it. Haha. Indonesia really has a lot of land, unused ones somemore. So there are lotsa trees here too.

We are all quite on the same frequency, no awkward moments yay. Like what @mongabong says, no drama!

First time meeting @charlenetan who's trying to avidly update her Dayre lol, and Liting on the right!

Arrived at the island!

It's quite an old town I think?

What we were here for - to see the King's tomb. Had a history lesson for about 20 mins while the guide educated us. Honestly I'm not a history person, I flunked it badly in school? Haha 20+ out of 100, that's my grade in school. Tsk. I was falling asleep listening to him talk but I did catch quite a bit of info.

Like who's the child engraved below the king's head and the lady at the back? I find it weird that it's his ex fiancé and not the wife? Reason was he was very in love with the fiancé?

Okay but then during that time, the King was the biggest, his words had the most power so I guess, as long as he's happy! Haha.

All the stores here were selling pretty much the same stuffs. More like souvenirs.

We spotted this that made us lol.

And a cute puppy too! đŸļ

I'm the shortest amongst us all. 😭

Did you realise we are all tanned? Hahahaha, what are the odds?

Oh yeah, and over here the people say "horas!" That's why at the back you'll the words on the building. It's supposed to mean hello in their traditional batak language.

Then it was time to return to the ferry, another 40 mins ride back. Took this at the upper deck, not a splendid view but not that bad also lah.


We have been having such meals since we landed. Like the Malay food in Singapore? But maybe Indo style. There's always a lot of varieties I realised, but not all are to our tastebuds liking. 😅

And omg idk why we can't seem to get full when eating here? It's not just me, the rest of the girls feel the same way too. Hmm.

After lunch, it was another hour plus drive to have goreng pisang and ginger tea.

The view which greeted us. 😍 I'm really a scenery convert now! City life is still part of me, but I've started to grow appreciation for things I never liked.

That's Lake Toba again btw. HAHAHAHA. Feels like we're travelling in circles to see it right? But nah.

I loved the goreng pisang!!! So crispy and the banana was 👍đŸģ! I'm deprived of desserts here so this sorta made it for it, a tiny whiny bit.

Trees and mountains. And Lake Toba. 😅

Another view.

Took some photos together! Everyone was in black/white tones if you realised, except me. 😹

A decent looking one.

"I forgot to tiptoe," I told Charlene after I saw this photo. Haha. She's freaking tall okay, 174cm, that's like 14cm taller than me! That's why I look like a total shortie beside her. ☚ī¸

Have no idea why I was laughing so hard?!? Lol I look like I'm tripping or what, but no leh.

When we took this photo, I overheard some people saying/asking, "take back shot now the trend is it?" 😂😂😂

Headed to Sipiso Piso thereafter to see the waterfall, which is one of their popular spots here I think?

Was mildly disappointed cos I've seen way larger ones at Jeju and Switzerland. But the view was still pretty alright! Spot the tiny waterfall at the right of my photo?

Taman Simalem Resort
Jalan Raya Merek - Sidikalang KM. 9

And it was another few hours drive to our current accommodation!

This place is huge man. According to the manager, who is a Singaporean based here for 10 years, the entire resort is larger than the size of Ang Mo Kio! HAHA. What a nice way to gauge.

It's quite a nice place but it was too dark when we arrived so no photos! We are waking up at 5am to catch the sunrise sooooo, hopefully I'll be awake enough to snap more photos.

Oh yea, forgot about this.

Bonfire after dinner which reminded me so so much about school days, like camping days? Haha. Ages ago man. It was drizzling so the fire couldn't really light up, sadly. :(

One more thing, it's freakinggggg cold here? Like 15/16 degrees. I don't have anything that's long sleeves or any jackets, so I was freezing my ass off. My teeth was chattering! Bloody cold! 😤

I'm gonna sleep now! Goodnight! X

Day 167

Wednesday, 15 Jun 2016

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emmtann (avatar)

emmtann Quickly come back so we can go out 💁đŸģ

2 years ago

freakingpink (avatar)

freakingpink Now u make me crave Hokkien Mee 😂

2 years ago

briannawonggg (avatar)

briannawonggg Yes please! Next week? Text me! 💋 @emmtann

2 years ago

briannawonggg (avatar)

briannawonggg @freakingpink Haha can always get to eat it tomorrow for lunch!

2 years ago

98milesaway (avatar)

98milesaway I like your pants!!

2 years ago

briannawonggg (avatar)

briannawonggg Thank you. 😚 @98milesaway

2 years ago

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