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We go KL!

Landed in KL yesterday! I have only been here once and that was a good 10+ years ago, and only for a day so I was quite looking forward to the trip!

I know KL has lotsaaaa food! πŸ™Š

🏠 We are staying at Lanson Place, a service apartment! I had originally planned to stay at Pullman Hotel but I wasn't quite sure if they allowed 3 pax a room. Didn't want to risk being rejected so I went to look around for accommodations which allowed at least 3 pax!

Lotsa good reviews about Lanson and we definitely weren't disappointed.

It's clean and HUGE, huge is an understatement in fact. LOL. It's the size of a 4 room HDB so imagine that. There's a huge ass living room, 2 bedrooms, a study room, 2 toilets, a kitchen and even a laundry room!

The staff can speak English too so there wasn't any communication issues. Highly recommend y'all this place if you're heading to KL, esp if you're heading here in a group!

Didn't manage to take photos but I grabbed these off their web. The building has an "atas" vibe, polished and just very welcoming.

The toilets are huge as hell. Lol.

And their living room too. Super spacious!

Maybe I'll take some real life photos tomorrow to show y'all!

So sorry I left the post dangling after posting the videos of the apartment! Really lost the momentum but I'm gonna aim to update day 1 by tonight! Backtracked my clock for this post too! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Flight outfit!

Slogan tee from H&M men! Jeans bought from Bugis Street! So hard to find nice women graphic tees or slogan tees so I've started to look for them in the men's section and succeeded! I've another one that writes "Marvel" that I got from Uniqlo men! πŸ’ͺ🏻

The room wasn't ready when we reached so we ventured nearby to kill some time! Went to Pavilion and boy, that mall is huge. It has a very high end vibe and it's tooooo big for my liking lol. We walked a few k steps just in the mall itself.

Walked past Lot 10, another mall and I saw Greyhound! It's one of my favourite cafes whenever I visit BKK! Sg recently opened an outlet but my friend told me it's damn expensive and it isn't as nice.

Scanned through the menu and I felt the prices were quite similar to BKK's one so I said "let's go" without a second thought.

When we were in Shanghai, @stephsoo ate this with me too, that's how much of a fan I am. Loyal fan. πŸ˜‚

I love their caesar salad! The veg is always crunchy and the dressing suits my taste buds to a T.

@bertillawong had the tomyum goong which I have never tried before. It tasted a bit weird according to her and Steph, so she decided to tweak the flavour and spammed cut chilli and chilli flakes.

It succeeded! πŸ˜‚

My ultimate favourite from Greyhound! Pesto and scallops pasta!


It doesn't look damn photogenic but taste wise, it's good. It's less creamy than a full cream pasta so it isn't too overwhelming! I'm not picky with veg so I really like it? Not sure if it'd be the same if you're someone who is picky with greens. πŸ™Š

The mains are about 25-40rm in KL if I remember right!

Oh yes, I had the Thai milk tea too. Legit and it made me missing BKK even more!

Went back to the apartment to freshen up after lunch and I also met @charlenetan and her friend there! I got to know Cha through the Medan trip I went last year and I think it was fate that brought us together. Lol.

She's a very nice friend who makes an effort, and she can stand my sampat. We tease each other like hell but we don't angry, we laugh like hell instead. Lol.

So anyway I told her I'll be heading up to KL and this 倧忙人 reserved a day for me. How honoured I am. πŸ˜‰

We chilled a bit at the apartment before heading out! It was raining cats and dogs and this Charlene said I "dai sai" cos KL never rains whenever she's there lol. How true, I don't know but it's true we always "dai sai" that's why forever worried about weather whenever we have outdoor shoots. πŸ˜‚

Even in China, it rains when we are there and our supplier will always say "你们ζ₯了就下雨" or "δ»Šε€©η‰Ήεˆ«ε†·." The last time we went Sydney for shoot, it was freezing like 12 degrees when it's supposed to 20+ πŸ˜‚

Maybe we can be called the weather sisters? HAHA @bertillawong

Charlene and friend wanted to bring us to a few cafes but the rain was of no help. We ended up at Merchant's Lane!

The deco is super feels. Super on point. And Charlene was harping nonstop the place looks gorgeous on a usual day with all the light rays streaming in.


Full house even though it was raining!

We had Greyhound barely 2 hours ago and I was quite full so I ordered a coffee only. This was already my 3rd cup of the day though!

It's a really photogenic cafe! Everyone took turns to take photo on this!


Took photos for this lady also and I continued snapping even though she said enough already. And I liked these photos more than the posey ones.

So natural. And smiley. Must be cos of me lah. ☺️ Oh ya, she says I'm her ε€ͺ阳 cos I bring joy to her HAHA.


Really, stop.

Hahahahaa. Photog Wong refuses to stop.

Her posing shot. πŸ˜‚

Everyone was asking me to take photos. Haha sought after. πŸ™Š Haha I'm kidding please!

Posting this since I edited it cos I thought it was quite nice! Shorts on Bert is launching this Sunday!

Took some selfies as we were about to leave! Btw she updated Dayre (HOW RARE) with these selfies and funny captions, go read. πŸ˜‚

My skin looks flawless thanks to the laser treatment at I did at Astique as well as my facial session at Caring Skin! I'm so in love with these treatments, will be sharing more soon!

I made this pose to cover my face and this Charlene said I wanted to show my palm to people can tell my fortune. πŸ™„

She's funny and boliao like this guys. Really weird logic right?!? Lol.

I was laughing SO HARD in this photo cos Charlene's friend was being a human selfie stick for her/us.


Really is damn ε₯½η¬‘! He was just supporting the phone and Cha will click. The painting at the back is also gone cos I wanted to post this on IG but the background was too messy, and kind Steph offered to DI it away for me. πŸ’ͺ🏻

Photoshop is amazing guys, every damn thing also can edit but I'm not a pro. Haha. Too bad so sad.

This is what I mean! 🀣

Went to One Utama for dinner and we went to "ζœ‰ι—΄ι’ι¦†" as recommended by Charlene.

She was thinking of where to eat and she said "ζœ‰ι—΄ι’ι¦†" excitedly and I replied "δ»€δΉˆι’ι¦†" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I had no idea this was the name of the restaurant!

Their recommended MHK. Honestly the soup base is quite similar to City Plaza! The kueh is smoother than CP though! I still prefer CP's cos of the chilli. Their chilli is da bestttt.

Bert's pork belly with clams. She preferred mine!

Steph had this meatball thingy which came in a super huge portion. It shocked us lol cos we thought it would be like a side dish kinda serving?

I'm not a fan of meatballs at all so I didn't touch it. But they were raving about it cos it bursts like ε°η¬ΌεŒ…! Sounds interesting!

It's about 10+ a bowl for our dishes! :) We went during dinner hour and it was full house though the place was huge! Waited about 20 mins for a table!

Gorgeous Bert who made us laugh non stop. I'm used to it cos I travel with her too often but Steph found it amusing. πŸ˜‚

I'm sure we made her laugh a fair bit this trip.

By the time it was dinner, all us were quite tired already cos we barely had a few hours of sleep. I was surviving on a 45 mins sleep and Bert was running on adrenaline. Super high this woman. The photo says it all. πŸ˜‚

We didn't do much but I clocked 11.8k steps. These are mainly walking inside the malls only.

At the end of the first day, my thought was KL malls are damn huge and huge and huge. One end to the other is like never-ending?!?

Went back and did planking! I'm always more motivated to exercise when Steph is around LOL. And that summed up day 1!

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Day 79

Monday, 20 Mar 2017

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desireelyp (avatar)

desireelyp Hi bree , is TCL currently hiring? 😊

1 year ago

fatfolds (avatar)

fatfolds Saw the One Utama MHK in your post and I just had to profess my love for it publicly here 🀣 Went to 1 U for a work trip last year and we fell in love with their food!!

1 year ago

briannawonggg (avatar)

briannawonggg @desireelyp Hello! So sorry but we are not hiring at the moment!

@fatfolds Haha yah, the mhk was really not bad! You can go try city plaza's version! It's as good imo but the chilli wins!

1 year ago

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