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Ah sorry I didn't manage to update finish just now! Went out with the girls until 11 and I just got home not too long ago! Gotta pack my luggage after I post these photos up! Oh yes, KL recommendations please! As usual, we are traveling without any plans lol so recommendations will help us a lot! ☺️

Anyway, I meant to share outfit of this midi dress - Jantine Ribbed Knitted Dress!

As the name says, it's made of ribbed knit. Looks scratchy but it's super comfy on my skin! No itch at all.

There's nude pink and olive and I picked this darker shade in an attempt to look slimmer. And also cos I love the olive shade! It's a fitting cut though it's slightly a-lined downwards but I'm still conscious of my tummy. πŸ™Š

Went casuals with my long forgotten Superga! It used to be my favourite, in fact this is my first few pairs of sneakers I think? Bought it in Seoul in 2014, I remember so clearly. That was also the period I started to collect sneakers? Haha.

Back to the dress. Fabric is kinda stretchy but if you're an in-between size, I think it's better to take the larger size so it won't look too fitting? No doubt it's worn fitting la but I feel it will show flaws like fats spilling here and there, haha. That's my opinion.

So a size bigger will give it a bit of allowance and make you look better? Since the fabric is stretchy to begin with, it won't be too loose either!

Details of the fabric. It's a bit like cotton but thicker than that, and thinner than the usual knits! It's okay, not very thick nor thin, so it makes it suitable for the local weather.

#theclosetlover #tclootd #ootd

Midi dress is launching today online! :) The collection has quite a few picks but I left the marketing peeps to do a #tclcollections post since some of you suggested it!

Style tips from the team! You guys can read it on @theclosetlover:170317

Forever late. 😳

I was on my uber already and I realized I forgot my retainers!!!! And I was omg. Contemplated just not wearing it for the next 3 days but I θΏ‡δΈεŽ»γ€‚My teeth will confirm plus chop shift and no way I'm gonna let that happen cos I spent at least 8k on my braces okay. No way.

Asked the driver if I can u-turn back and he very kindly said yes. Some drivers can be an ass cos the fares are fixed plus need to wait but I got lucky! The driver was really nice!

The one thing I'm not lazy is putting on retainers regardless how tired I am. Even if I'm already in bed, I'll get out of it and put it on. Thanks to the wise words of my orthodontist.

"If you ever feel lazy, (he probably knows how lazy I can get lol) just remind yourself how much you spent, and how much torture you went through."

How true. These words are etched in my head. πŸ˜‚

Finally calling it a day! Walked so much today cos malls in KL are soooo huge?! Went to Pavilion and 1 U and both are damn big please.

Met @charlenetan today too and it was so funny. More on IG stories! I really wanna update but I'm so tired. Surviving on 45 mins sleep only, I'm gonna update it another day!

Day 78

Sunday, 19 Mar 2017

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nefuhs (avatar)

nefuhs hi bree, is your chanel mini square shaped?

1 year ago

briannawonggg (avatar)

briannawonggg @nefuhs Hi dear! Yeap it's a mini square. :)

1 year ago

chuuul (avatar)

chuuul Hello! Can I ask where you got your shades from? 😁

1 year ago

fionatky (avatar)

fionatky You can check out APW Bangsar, it's a relatively new hipster place, good food and perfect for OOTD. I would recommend Proof Pizza & Wine for their yummy black truffle gourmet pizza!

1 year ago

fionatky (avatar)

fionatky Oh and you can try Fuego located at Troika Sky Dining, CBD area. It's the best place to view the city skyline and the Petronas Twin Tower. They serve big slab of meat (grilled), tapas and some cocktails! Portions are big, great for sharing. Do make reservation beforehand to avoid disappointment. 😁

1 year ago

briannawonggg (avatar)

briannawonggg @chuuul I bought it from Bangkok previously!

@fionatky Thanks for the suggestions babe! :)

1 year ago

charlenetan (avatar)

charlenetan Lol I can't wait to read your Dayre tmr haha!!!!

1 year ago

linseylinn (avatar)

linseylinn Anything you would like to try or like to eat? Because there's so many food options, it's so hard to recommend! πŸ˜‚

1 year ago

briannawonggg (avatar)

briannawonggg @charlenetan Haha your post damn funny lah. πŸ˜‚

@linseylinn Haha nothing in particular actually! But I'm returning tomorrow already so not much time too so it's okay! πŸ˜…

1 year ago

linseylinn (avatar)

linseylinn Hehe ok hope you had fun! πŸ‘πŸ»

1 year ago

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