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We have a W. launch tonight, finally! Haven't been launching our work series as regularly as we would like to, but we are making them happen more often this year! :)

Super loving this set of photos so I'm gonna share them here! Been awhile since I did a #tclcollections too, so let's go!

Anyway, the whole collection is made using the same fabric, if it's not the same it's pretty identical! It's all made of thick polyester with very minimal stretch. They are also slightly structured! :)

The concept behind this collection was nothing fanciful, but still alluring in their own ways, so it's all down to the nitty gritty deets!

This for eg, is just a simple dress with sleeves and a front slit. We took in previous feedback received and made it in a less fitting cut, so the bottom is slightly a-lined.

Comes in black too!

I've always liked my work clothes black cos to me, it means strong willed, haha.

Another sleeved piece but in a more fitting cut. This one comes in a less a-lined bottom as you can see. But it's also not that bodycon such that you'll feel that it is restrictive.

Key feature is the curved peplum detail. I think it kinda draws attention to that and it has a slimming effect.

Also in black.

Can't really see the details but please hop over to FB to view the bigger photos okay!

If you don't like sleeved items, we have this in a sleeveless cut. This is a little more sophisticated imo.

V-neckline and inverted v slits on both front and back. I think this is quite fashionable for work! If you're working in marketing or sales line, I'll be impressed with this dress if I'm your client!

It's worn more fitting as well!

Included a culottes romper for dress down days! Contemplated keeping the whole series nude pink and black but I really really really couldn't resist this shade of brown. 😅

We named it caramel eventually! I think culottes romper are good for weekends where you gotta OT or Fridays! A pair of heels with it will look appropriate enough unless your company don't allow rompers uh.

It's a really simple piece but there are flaps on the waist. I just took my OTD for this outfit today and the first comment I gave after seeing the photos was "wah my waist looks small." So yes, there's slimming effect!

Can't see the details that much, so check it on FB if you wanna see. The length for this is longer than usual, I'm 1.6m and it ends at my calves! Model is 1.75m for reference! :)

I'm gonna post my outfit photos soon! If you've read all the way until here and you wanna get something from the launch, congrats!


Giving y'all a discount code exclusively for Dayre readers! ✨

Magic code: breexdayre

Enter this discount code "breexdayre" if you're gonna get something from the W. launch tonight! You'll get 10% off, no minimum purchase required! :)

Haven't had time to edit the rest of the photos! 😔 Was settling designs and backorders the whole time I was in office and it feels like I'm spending too much time on these 2 tasks.

Will post the rest of the photos up once I edit, but here's one shot featuring the newly launched Kathlyn Culottes Romper! :)

It really gives an illusion of slimmer waist + super long legs. I'm 1.6 but I look 1.65 here..? Wearing my usual Xs!

#ootd #tclootd #theclosetlover

Day 74

Wednesday, 15 Mar 2017

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bleusnow (avatar)

bleusnow yay.. Thinking of getting my 1st TCL pc for tonite's launch with the code.

1 year ago

Blithe (avatar)

Blithe Eyeing the Carra Vneck dress! What material is it made of? :)

1 year ago

briannawonggg (avatar)

briannawonggg @bleusnow Aww thank you! :)

@Blithe Polyester blend babe! :)

1 year ago

Futurama (avatar)

Futurama Will you ladies consider doing plus side clothing... I see but cannot wear, so sad.. 😥

1 year ago

sffantasyworld (avatar)

sffantasyworld Hi Brianna, will you all consider to manufacture Romper in full length/jumpsuit/ankle length instead of a culottes length? Or a two piece kind of romper?

1 year ago

keewenli (avatar)

keewenli Are the dresses available in the Somerset store?

1 year ago

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