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And it's Monday again. 😕

Quite dreading this week cos... I feel like I have a thousand and one things to do and it includes some things I don't really feel like doing. Meh. Give me the strength and determination to get things done please! 💪🏻

I have things to look forward too though! Nothing big but at least they are happy things!


- Visiting BHS to get a new colour, finally! Been doing just treatments to improve my hair condition and I'm finally gonna give it a fresh coat of colour!

- TCL X Lucido hair & fashion workshop
It's gonna be an afternoon of fun (and shopping too!) See you if you've RSVP-ed! 👏🏻

- Team brunch
Haven't had one in ages so we finally made it happen!

Saw this on IG. Quote of the week to keep things going. Let's go.

Last week's visit to Zara! Quite into these kinda layering look these days and I thought this leather piece was not bad!

It was only $19 I think? So happy when I tried it on cos I really liked it! But mehhhhh have defect and all the pieces on display had the same defect. :( Reckon it's a fabric defect then. Not fated. Makes me want to go make my own, lol.

Took the chance to snap my jeans too! Awesome piece from TCL! It's launching next week or the following, soon enough? I've worn mine more than 3 times!!!

Actual outfit from that day. Denim shirt that I wore as an outer instead, also coming soon! Within the next few weeks la, so that's quite soon right! Haha.

Paired it the Ralph Tee as the inside piece. That piece is damn good for layering!

#tclootd #theclosetlover

Last window shopping photo! Bag from C&K. Boyfriend says look like I'm playing a drum, lol.

But heck, I wanted to get it as a travel bag! Plus I'm going to Seoul soon, this is big enough to hold my camera! Again, last piece and defect! I left that day empty handed. 😭

I haven't really been shopping much though it's GSS? Only been buying sneakers and more sneakers! To the extend I think I'm crazy cos I see so many white shoes that look almost similar. I can wear one pair for each day of the week. 😅

Which reminds me I will be selling some of my kicks, like my Stan Smiths with a S, lol. I think I'm selling the hologram and pastel blue one ah. And one of my NMDs too! Post photos soon, but feel free to email me if you already know what you want! :)

Day 200

Monday, 18 Jul 2016

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noiahnoi (avatar)

noiahnoi 😎💪💪💪

2 years ago

noodlesrambles (avatar)

noodlesrambles Hi Bree! Any updates on Livia? 😊

2 years ago

briannawonggg (avatar)

briannawonggg @noiahnoi Thanks babe! 😬

@ntyl14 Hi babe! I've already placed orders and sent a mass email out in June! The product is scheduled to arrive only in Oct based on the website info! :)

2 years ago

yuxxian (avatar)

yuxxian @briannawonggg will y be selling ur white stan smiths??:)!

2 years ago

briannawonggg (avatar)

briannawonggg @yuxxian SM are all white! Haha only the back tab colour is different! :)

2 years ago

wwormy (avatar)

wwormy Hello bree! What size are you selling for the pastel blue? And your email please? Thanks! :)

2 years ago

vangxy (avatar)

vangxy Hi Bree! Can i know what shoe size are you?

2 years ago

Ade_k (avatar)

Ade_k Hello! May I know what size are you selling for your NMD??

2 years ago

briannawonggg (avatar)

briannawonggg @wwormy Uk 5, 38 if I'm not wrong for the blue! You can reach me at briannawonggg(at) :)

@vangxy I'm a Uk 3.5 for sneakers but some of them I got it in uk 4 and 5! You can drop me an email directly with the one you're interested in and I'll let you know the actual size! :)

@Ade_k 36.5!

2 years ago

briannawonggg (avatar)

briannawonggg @Ade_k I've 36.5 and 37 depending on the colour!

2 years ago

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