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Got my first set of Invisalign aligners!

I’m officially on my first set of aligners! Got them yesterday and while there’s not much of a difference cus most people can’t tell I have Invisalign on, some major changes that I’m personally getting used to are:

1. My speech and enunciation

It’s really a different feeling having 2 plastic mold in my mouth and I’m still trying to get used to it. Of course, this will get better with time when my tongue ‘learns’ to move around while I have my aligners on.

For now, I can’t enunciate certain words without sounding like I have a lisp. Yesterday the cashier at the dinner place asked for our table number and I wanted to say “sixty-six” but it turned out to be “sisthy-sisth” LOL.

2. Having to remove, clean and re-wear my aligners after each meal

Not gonna lie. It hurts a lot when I try to remove my aligners. Last night I almost fainted, like FOR REAL. It’s some condition called vasovagal syncope and people have different triggers that cause them to faint. Like some people faint when they see blood, I faint when my body feels too much pain.

It doesn’t hurt when I’m wearing them other than when I eat, because that’s when my aligners brush against each other and more pressure is applied.

It’s not actually supposed to hurt this much for the first set because usually people don’t get attachments (those little balls of plastic) for their first set. They’d usually start having attachments with the 3rd set and it’s often 2-6 attachments only.

For me, I have 20+ attachments on my first set - which explains the pain!

It’s also very troublesome because after every meal I’ve to go to the washroom, TRY to remove my aligners, wash them, TRY to put them back while TRYING not to faint from the pain and the process is really tedious. It took me 25 minutes to do that today 😩

Especially in public, I think I might look like I have Bulimia cus I’m constantly sticking my fingers in my mouth and looking really uncomfortable. Just hoping that it gets easier to remove + wear them over time when my teeth is repositioned to fit well into the aligners!

3. Diet

While there are no restrictions to what food I should avoid, I find that I’ve been going for ‘softer’ food these two days because it’s still a little uncomfortable trying to eat with the aligners. My doctor recommended I keep my aligners on when I eat and I understand why because my teeth actually hurts more without my aligners now 😩

Of course, compared to braces where you’ve to stay away from certain foods that can get stuck in your teeth, I don’t have to do that with Invisalign because I can just brush my teeth and wash my aligners any time.

Dr Park also told me I can drink coffee, tea etc as per normal since I’ll only be wearing each tray for 2 weeks - I don’t have to worry about staining them. I can also have cold or hot food / drinks but Dr Park said “no boiling water!”

Why would I drink boiling water in the first place 😅

Just for records purpose, this is my teeth on Tray 1!

I don’t really have much issues with my lower set except it’s not really centralised and they’re not very even.

For my upper set, I have a missing tooth on the right if you can spot that ‘fake tooth’ (there was actually a baby tooth but it got extracted) and my two front teeth are not aligned with the rest. I also have a bit of overbite so that’ll also be corrected along the way.

The shape is overall more V than I’d like it to be so hopefully it’ll be U-shaped by the end of my Invisalign procedure!

My teeth’s always been a big insecurity of mine and I’m happy that I can now straighten them discreetly 🤭 More updates to come when I switch to Tray 2!

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Day 186

Thursday, 5 Jul 2018

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kissmypoo (avatar)

kissmypoo Coffee stains the trays real bad 😐 it can be a little gross to look at haha.

1 year ago

Deslee (avatar)

Deslee HAHAH how did you eat KFC the other day!

1 year ago

nellypinkbuttons (avatar)

nellypinkbuttons how much does it cost?

1 year ago

brenwho (avatar)

brenwho @kissmypoo THANKFULLY I don’t drink coffee much but I shall try it before I switch to my next tray 😈

1 year ago

brenwho (avatar)

brenwho @Deslee I got my aligners the next day!!! Luckily 🙊🙊🙊

1 year ago

brenwho (avatar)

brenwho @nellypinkbuttons I’m on Invisalign Lite which costs about $4.5k to $5.5k!

1 year ago

itsdyeanne (avatar)

itsdyeanne Hi Brenda, hoping I could ask a question! Did you do any extractions before wearing the aligners? Do you know if it’s compulsory?

1 year ago

shantalc (avatar)

shantalc what's the difference between Invisalign and Invisalign lite?

1 year ago

fujace (avatar)

fujace able to advice where u did ur invisalign. Thank u

3 months ago

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