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Hello. That's me.

Here to do a tag – #10crazythingsaboutme (tagged by @cadychit)!

I hardly reveal a lot of things about myself, but since I'm doing this 'facts about me' tag, I might as well write more so you guys can get to know me better (through your mobile screens, hahaha).


1⃣ I'm Brenda, my surname is Ng (if you don't already know). I'm a full-fledged Singaporean, not from China, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea nor Japan. My birthday falls on 13th July, which means I'm turning 20 in 4 days!!! I'm currently still a student, not doing anything related to arts / photography though.

2⃣ My favorite colors are black, white and grey.... If you can't already tell from what I usually wear. Technically I like wearing denim shorts too so you can count blue in.

3⃣ I don't really like cakes. So please be honored if you offer me cake and I actually eat it. 🍰

4⃣ Speaking of cakes. If the cake is blue, I will eat it by hook or by crook. I am very fascinated by blue food. Blue cake, blue cupcake, blue ice cream, blue yogurt, blue macarons, blue jelly – give me all!!!! I actually put blue coloring in a cup of milk once because I wanted to have blue milk, oops. 💙

5⃣ I really really like guys in NS uniform. 😍 I don't know why but guys just look very very very very good in NS uniform. #BeProudOfOurNation

6⃣ I love notebooks. And envelopes. Actually I just love all paper products. Put me in a stationery store and I'll have a hard time leaving.

7⃣ I used to be obsessed with Hello Kitty (or maybe I still am). I had Hello Kitty dresses, tees, pencil cases, bags, stationery (including pen, pencil, stapler, ruler, eraser), wallet, key holder. I still have a lot of them huge Hello Kitty stuffed toys in my cupboard. Secret: When I was younger, I always thought they existed and lived in Japan??? My childhood dream was actually to go to Japan and find Hello Kitty's house. 😪😪

8⃣ I like cats (you can see why). And actually dogs too. And all other furry little animals. I would loveeee to have a pet of my own. 😭

9⃣ I play the percussion. Drums of all sorts, keyboard percussion (xylophones, marimbas etc) and all other auxiliary instruments. 🎹🎶

🔟 I love food and I love eating, but somehow I have really high metabolism and genes (it runs in my family) that doesn't allow me to gain much weight. I was like... 16kg when I was 7, 39kg since 16, and now 41kg at 20 years old.

And I don't understand why girls want to be skinny. Trust me you wouldn't want to be! People who are fat get insulted, but skinny ones like me gets insulted too. #sohardtopleasepeople People would actually call me bones, or stick, or think I'm anorexic and don't eat at all. When actually I probably eat more than you do.

And everyone's beautiful in their own way. Don't ever let your size determine who you are. 😊


Okay I'm done with #10crazythingsaboutme!! Would love to know 10 crazy things about you too!!! Feel free to do this tag and please tag me so I can read all of your crazy things!!! 😄

Day 190

Wednesday, 9 Jul 2014

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novxciv (avatar)

novxciv Can't agree more on fact no. 5 hahah

4 years ago

sxnoonlush (avatar)

sxnoonlush Very pretty selcas bren! Say, would you care for monday blue? Hahahahha 💎💎

4 years ago

brenwho (avatar)

brenwho @novxciv I know right!!! Guys in NS uniform are just 😍😍😍😍😪😪😪😪 (drooling)

4 years ago

brenwho (avatar)

brenwho @sxnoonlush I like all shades of blue except Monday blues 😂

4 years ago

fishzhuzhu (avatar)

fishzhuzhu what will u do to a blue-skin alien if u meet him one day? LOL

4 years ago

cadychit (avatar)

cadychit Wow envy of ur high metabolism. I would put on weight just by breathing air. 😔

4 years ago

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