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Mistakes dont define you, life goes on w hope & <3

August 2018

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想起以前,每当我染了个新颜色,都好期待回家给妈妈看. 视线虽然越来越差,但是妈妈总会摸摸一下,欣赏一下,问我哪里染的,叫我带她去.前天染了个头,修掉了些干掉的头发,回到家就这莫名的感觉,似乎妈妈来摸我的头发了,好希望是..

July 2018


May 2018

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It feels like just yesterday, you told me you have an ulcer, and i got you an ice cream to share

When i accidentally pull out the drawer and saw her stuffs, I don’t even know how to explain that weird feeling. When can I ever help u to take something again? When can I ever see you put on those clothes again? When can I ever have breakfast w you again? When can I ever call home to hear your voice again?

It’s Public Holiday today, as usual I returned home. But everything has changed, the house feels empty, its quiet, everyone is just doing our own thing - napping, packing, playing w ipad. Suddenly we all had our own time to settle down and pack things, but I no longer can walk into living room to disturb/ massage/ bicker w mum.. I can no longer see her on the recliner chair.. But today, I sniffed and smelt her 如意油 smell..

February 2018

Uncle sings, You are rich in love,Slow with Anger

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