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Praying for a 🐭 baby!

July 2019

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“Let’s try again next month” x14

Last night I cried over ttc again. But by myself cos I didn’t want my Husband to know. It is really depressing when you have no idea why you can’t conceive like how other people does within a few months. I’m healthy. I’m stress free from work. My fertility checks are good. HSG test passed. Husband’s sperm morphology probably not too good. Is that the only reason why? Sigh. He has taken 4 boxes of Profertile so far. 😣All we can say is...

Gloomy Monday making me gloomy on 7 DPO. Kinda think this cycle is gone again. πŸ₯Ί I feel so... normal.

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Ovulation occurs on CD14. Like a textbook. But I’m not pregnant... yet. πŸ˜©ε‡ ζ—Άζ‰δΌšζ₯?

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My first bbt charting! Quite interesting to see how the trend goes. So does the spike means that my egg is released already? Still need to BD? πŸ€”#ttc

My body is aching here and there after the fertility massage. πŸ˜‚ But I see it as a good sign! CD 11 and my OPK is getting kinda dark as compared to previous cycles. Time to get hardworking over this weekend. 😏

TTC Cycle 14

Just bought a 2 decimal place basal thermometer. Hopefully it will help to pinpoint when I ovulate.

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