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A co-founder's birthday message

Birthdays always leave me in a pensive mood

Dont ask me why. But I've always been an introspective kind of guy. Big moments or milestones only serve one true purpose, in my opinion.

To tell u "X" amount of time has passed and leave u to take stock of what that means and why we are here.

Today is just such a day. It is Nuffnang's 7th year anniversary.

7 years ago to the day 4 people from Singapore to Penang lay huddled around their computers at an ungodly time in the morning waiting for a website to launch.

It was rudimentary and primitive when compared to the sites we build today but that type of moment. That type of innocence only comes once in a lifetime. And is forever gone.

U can never experience a first kiss again as much as u reminisce it.

The first years were tough but u almost miss the toughness of it all

It wasnt easy for 2 greenhorns who had no experience in either IT or advertising to start a company which was meant to mean something to both industries.

It took us a while to find our groove. But oh how I miss those days when 2 young men had no clue at all.

From being dressed like toots, with our long sleeve shirts and long pants. To carrying our laptops in bagpacks from meeting to meeting.

It sure did take us a while before we found our groove and comfort zone. Who we were.

I still turn up for the most serious of meetings in Jeans and a Polo Tee and more frequently in shorts; not because I disrespect who im meeting but because I want them to meet the real me.

I miss having to convince somebody who doesnt know what a blog is

Almost at the risk of sounding blasphemous, although I never wish to go back there again. I miss not taking a salary for a year and a half because it taught me who true friends are.

When the smallest of gestures remains the grandest of them all

I remember just feeling down one day. I was still waiting for proposals and cheques to come through the door.

I had no salary, and I felt like a poor man. Sure, I come from a privileged family but I never relied on them. This was me. That was them.

I asked @xiaxue and mike out for dinner at Al Forno (then wendy's favourite restaurant) looking for an ear to pour out my feelings and despair. It was readily given and that was all I needed. But Wendy not much richer than me said to me.

We are paying for this meal. U pay us back when u have your millions.

Just a meal. A simple meal. But in all honesty, tears welled up inside me.

It may have meant little to her and she often says so, but it made the difference to me when I needed it. That was all that mattered. A rich man as I am, (not just in monetary terms), may enjoy the fineness and details of luxury but loses out on experiencing the richness of a simple gesture that can mean so much at the right time.

Purpose reborn

A man with purpose is one u cannot stop. I was refreshed as I drove away that night. Determined that I would help good people like wendy get what they deserved.

Bloggers are a special breed. Ordinary people with hidden quirks and a desire to be recognised. For who they are and what they are worth. In other words, bloggers are ordinary good people like u and me. Read that carefully as it means something, almost as much as it doesnt!

What better purpose is there than to help ordinary people who want to be extraordinary succeed?

I guess that is what Nuffnang stands for. We are a collective for the collective. we stand united as a group of people who truly want to help people like ourselves make it in life. Make a difference. Impact and influence. Its more than the money. And for any blogger reading this I hope they remember it.

Its about the friendships, the loyalties, the journey, the lows more than the highs, the late nights, and early mornings. Its about u and its about me.

Its about passing that forward. About passing it on.

No matter which Nuffnang office I go to. I always leave with a feeling of warmth inside me. The feeling of warmth when they dont stop talking about work to one another even when on a dining table. The feeling of warmth when they walk with each other to the train station. The feeling of warmth when they meet up with each other on the weekends. The feeling of warmth when they pitch in to help one another.

I have been so fortunate to have been able to run a company like this. I may not have found the answer to why we are here on earth and what is our ultimate purpose. But one that keeps me going everyday remains in the people that I have met on this journey. Good people that bring a joy to me words can hardly express and actions can never imitate. Long may that continue. Happy Birthday Nuffnang.

Day 58

Thursday, 27 Feb 2014

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pattyinnit (avatar)

pattyinnit proud of u @bossming and all nuffies,,, goood job!!!! happy birthday nuffnang♡♡

4 years ago

elaynne (avatar)

elaynne Happy birthday nuffnang!!

4 years ago

aiclay (avatar)

aiclay Wow this is such a powerful and inspirational entry. :) happy birthday nuffnang.

4 years ago

aryaalatsas (avatar)

aryaalatsas Inspiring & heartfelt Ming. Proud to be part of the journey with the UK Nuffies. Happy Birthday #Nuffnang!

4 years ago

andrik (avatar)

andrik always loved your inspiring post. keep 'em coming! somehow i hv this lil dream in me that i would love to be successful enough one day to do business with you and tim to learn from you inspiring people!

4 years ago

piers (avatar)

piers Nice. Very nice. Happy birthday Nuffnang.

4 years ago

growingwiththetans (avatar)

growingwiththetans What an inspiring post! Happy 7th birthday, Nuffnang, and may you have many many more.

4 years ago

qiuqiu (avatar)

qiuqiu Happy Birthday to my other family 😃

4 years ago

jingthepianist (avatar)

jingthepianist Hi Ming, when I first started Dayre-ing, I didn't knw that I'll be meeting so many amazing friends here, I just thought of writing my thoughts here since I feel that not much ppl knw about dayre (yet). This place is full of amazing people and everyone is being extremely supportive, which is why I think this is one of the most successful app, it actually connects people (hearts) in the positive way. Thank you for this wonderful app, a place where I met a lot of wonderful friends, practice my writing skills and read a lot of inspiring posts. Happy birthday, Nuffnang ☺️

4 years ago

yutakis (avatar)

yutakis Happy birthday Nuffnang!! 💛💛

4 years ago

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