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Taking both Tony and my Chopard Mille Miglia out for a ride this morning for @bunnyheng and bryan's wedding.

I love collecting watches, but hardly ever wear them out except for special occassions like this because I dont want to damage them.

A single hairline scratch will drive the OCD in me madddddd!!!

So the wedding hashtag is a punny one. #thischansoheng, chan being the grooms surname and heng being the brides one.

But by the looks of things this morning I'd say #thishengsoheng ahhhh!!! Lol!

So Atas!

The greatest gift my entrepreneurial journey has given me is not the material accomplishments, but the many friendships that have been forged.

@bunnyheng or maylene was one of the first 2 staff I hired to run the now forever on holiday

Along with @elaynne (who just recently got hitched #elainegotkonned), @wayening and @soufflesecrets, we had a great many adventure together, the memories of which I will always treasure.

Even today with my bit part involvement with #collatethelabel, that journey continues somewhat albeit to a much higher plane 😊😊😊.

I thought this photo summed up best the @bunnyheng I know.

Shes got a feminine, gentle and ladylike side, but also a chor lor, stronger side to her too.

This Netccentric group shot of past and present staff is proof of how businesses and work bring people together.

So many people I love in one shot. And all getting on so well in life. *beams with pride*.

This is a been there, done that, put on the weight photo. 😜😜😜

And with my kind of menu catered for lunch ... putting on more!

Man and wife liao! But looking forward to the party tonight!

2016 is really panning out to be a year of weddings. Which can be quite painful for the wallet haha.

Guess its time to give back for all the lovely presents I got at my own wedding.

A chinese friend of @pattyinnit, @catfurn and I for example got patty and I a lovely commemorative set of gold bank notes which extol four core chinese values.

Isn't it exotic???

And they are getting married this feb, so Ive been racking my brain on what to get for them in return.

This is eventually what I settled on!


To the chinese people, Jade is the #1 gem stone. Singaporeans have had their tastes diluted somewhat by western culture but personally I love jade, and the artistry that comes along with crafting a unique piece.

Patty and Furn picked out the red ε–œε­— pendant.

The chinese language with its strokes and lines itself is an artform I feel, and the word ε–œ especially in its traditional form just radiates happiness dont you think?

As for the horse, I chose it as my friends daughter is born in the year of the horse. I love our chinese zodiacs.

Look at the intricacy of this piece. But more importantly, admire the creative direction.

The horses legs display movement and fluidity via the "dust storm" it is stirring up as it gallops away .... and the coin on top of the horse is meant to depict a chinese pun ...


For all my jade needs, I go to Li Hong Jade. @lihongjade

I am not being paid to endorse them, in fact I just gave them some $$$ myself πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“, but ever since I discovered them several years ago, I have always made it a point to support them. For several reasons.

#1. It is a Singaporean family business
Li Hong has been in the business for over 50 years in Singapore and the family is all Singaporean.

I believe we need to protect and promote Singaporean owned and started enterprises throughout the years so as to solidify our own identity and create unique experiences for visitors from abroad.

#2. The 2nd generation is coming to the fore

I like family businesses. For all the huff puff about 3 generations before it falls and american management doctrine, I think there is something deeply personal about having a family run a business and each generation building upon it.

Its not easy and there are challenges but all businesses should have a soul beyond being a money generating machine.

#3. Their product is superior

I have always kept my eyes open for top grade jade in my travels to Taiwan or China and relative to the price you pay, Li Hong jade has very intricate carvings that have a creative edge about them.

Each piece tells a story and that is very important to me.

Anyway, do check them out at Raffles City if u ever get the chance, they are next to Ode to Art (also owned by a lovely friend of mine), and look for Jackaston or Joey. Tell them ming sent you and they will take care of u with a good price! 😘😘😘

After accomplishing #missionbuyweddingpresent, I took tony for a well deserved car wash.

It never gets old looking at him. He is a true work of beauty and an inspiration to look at.

Ive had him for 5 years now, and am letting him go soon ... (haha if u have a whole bunch of money and want to take him on, let me know).

Im a little bit sad to be honest.

But having gotten married to @pattyinnit last year, its time to get practical ... hahaha.

Pulling the top down, blasting the music, with the wind in my hair is something Im gonna miss.

But with the boot space, I cant even pick patty up from the airport in him.

Thats not a problem with moses here though ... my new car! Hahaha!

@thejianhaotan commented that its a "BIG" change! And it is hahaha.

But ive always enjoyed fetching Netccentrics (@missy_ada nearly made the slip again), friends and family around for outings and the like ... so honestly I feel home hahaha.

Plus when Im really full after a big meal, I can just slide out of my chair and exit easily. But with tony .... nope.

Lets just say I have more of these kinds of moments than the tony stark or bruce wayne exiting of the car with 2 hot babes moments.

Accessorizing for the wedding banquet tonight. Get to use my customized stingray money clip from JToor Chicago. Should have been one word instead of two for the nickname but still good.

My usual wallet is just too bulky with all the cards and bulges out of my suit pocket so this is my solution!

My precious gets a rareeee night out! Ive only used this 3 times in total. But its perfect for suits with its ultra slim profile.

The rare bruce wayne moments. But instead of glamorous charity balls. Its a glamorous wedding instead.

With Emeritus SM Goh Chok Tong in attendance. He is my favourite prime minister after Lee Kuan Yew but then Singapore has only had 3 in total!

A far cry from Thailand's 50 or so...

Having just organised my own wedding 7 months ago now ... all Im thinking is dollars and cents! Hahaha its crazy how much weddings cost nowadays!

But if u can afford it. And if its happily forever after then its all worth it!

Wedding banquet food is normally underwhelming but the chubzclub definitely approves so far!!!

Really nice big band perfomance.

2nd course is Braised Birds Nest Broth and Sea Treasures.

I have to say I LOVE Sharks Fin soup and have never found a decent replacement. But this was done pretty well! 70 percent there!!!

Every single course hit the spot. And im pleasantly surprised by the quality of food at St Regis.

It has improved greatly. And thats no mean feat for a banquet serving hundreds.

Gave my abalone to my sister though cos me dont like. Ewwww.

The entertainment also did not dissapoint. Lovely selection of songs and nice singers.

Beyond entertainment and food though. What really makes a wedding are good speeches.

The key to me is to be sharp and concise but most importantly heartfelt.

I especially liked @bunnyheng's dads speech and of course her own where she acknowledged my dodo bird "scoldings" had made her a better dodo bird.

Just like her father I'm proud of how far she and indeed the other lollies have come in their lives since JPB. And hope to see them all continue in that same vein of excellence.

But I guess most importantly never to let success fundamentally change all your values.

In your personal lives:
Family. Friendship. Love. Compassion. Generousity.

In your professional lives:
Optimism. Determination. Tenacity. Adaptability. Courage. Responsibility.

@pattyinnit and myself enjoyed ourselves throughly at a wedding that was carefully thought out but most importantly had some of our favourite people to share laughter and joy with.

Once upon a time, there was a lolly.

She was a disney grinch and did not believe in fairy tales.

But on a fateful trip to Tokyo, she made a wish.

And was transformed by the powers of the magical kingdom.

She soon found her very own prince charming (a real jock) and fairy tale wedding.

And everybody was happy for her. Even ....

The china husband she had left behind in Guangzhou and who had bled sweat and tears hauling her buys for her.

πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠThe EndπŸ’πŸ’’

Day 30

Saturday, 30 Jan 2016

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zhang (avatar)

zhang show more watches please!!

2 years ago

bossming (avatar)

bossming @zhang lol not today but i might do a watch post one day.

2 years ago

zhang (avatar)

zhang ok I will be camping at any signs of watches from you haha πŸ˜€

2 years ago

heynyonya (avatar)

heynyonya I love jade too! And yes to the watch post πŸ˜€

2 years ago

vangxy (avatar)

vangxy the Xi jade is lovely!

2 years ago

lynnnnn (avatar)

lynnnnn What's the significance of 918?

2 years ago

lynnnnn (avatar)

lynnnnn And the alphard is a good choice! My family keeps changing vianos and hating it but still refuse to give in and get the alphard already.

2 years ago

higarethdavies (avatar)

higarethdavies Wow R8 to Alphard that is a big change haha.

2 years ago

MimieJay (avatar)

MimieJay bigger space is so comfortable πŸ‘

2 years ago

iiwee (avatar)

iiwee Hahaha... change to family car

2 years ago

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