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August 2019

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Just attended the wake of a 9 year old girl. Her father, a doctor, is my colleague and advisor for magazine and I've met the girl and her older sister.He has brought his girls to our event rehearsals and he transformed from a stern doctor into such a happy loving father, he loves his girls so much. He talks about them when we were having dinner together.

March 2019

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Isn't it hard to be a woman. A full time working mum. A mum who wants to be mum to 2 kids. A mum with 'kids' at work. A mum with a 'manboy' at home. Managing a household. Managing her own emotional hormones every month.That word 'manage'. Should be changed to womanage. But that's what I blardy do all the time but I only get 1 pay cheque.OK bye. Pointless entry

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To put this on record, I did 25 min of YouTube exercising and 10min of stretches.I'm ded, cos I feel hungry. Bye.

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Dreamed that I was giving birth in my work place's learning centre. Water bag broke there lol. Which is funny 'cos I was induced and didn't have this experience at all... Woke up feeling like I did go through labour. Googled it this morning and it says it may be the start of new things coming my way. Hopefully it's a stork with a baby. Lil girl is not well again.. My eczema is acting up cos of stress.Life's still good because we are together.

February 2019

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Why is dayre not loading? 😢

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