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Simple weddings

When I was younger, I thought about a grand wedding, where I’d dance in with my groom (have to learn to dance ballroom). I’ll sew my gown by hand (I actually had a bride who did that).

I’ll have a massive dessert table along with a local snacks table, along with a tutu kueh stall. The menu will be curated from all my favourite food around SG consisting of kimchi, fried chicken wings, sushi, ramen, chicken cutlet horfun, mantou with chilli crab sauce and bingsu , etc etc

There’d be dancing, singing and it’ll be like a concert of sorts with flashy lights and all. And all by ourselves, not the live band.

Then as I get older and older (now nearing 40), I want it simpler and simpler.

A wedding should be for ourselves. We do what we want, within our means and we should get to enjoy ourselves. By all means, have a grand one if that’s what you really want and can afford. Have two even!

L and I slowly toy with the idea of eloping if we ever do get married. Go somewhere far away and have our immediate family and closest friends witness and just vacay the rest of the days.


We love shooting grander weddings where the couples have loads of ideas and we have fun along. But we love simple cosy weddings where it’s just about them as well.

Basically I love all weddings because it’s just about love. I love the vibes.

And on Sunday, it was one such simple wedding.
But you know, one thing really touched me. The groom prepared everything, every detail. He told his wife, “Don’t worry. Just come and be a beautiful bride.”

The beautiful flowers he got from 85 Flowers

The venue she always wanted and he got.

And the simple day ended but their lives together begin.


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Tuesday, 15 Jan 2019

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triplecoffee (avatar)

triplecoffee My friend also sewed her own gown and her husband's tie for the wedding!

1 month ago

bobobimbo (avatar)

bobobimbo @triplecoffee wahhh amazing!!

1 month ago

inedreamland (avatar)

inedreamland Agreed that once we grow older, our priorities and mindset change along with age 😌

1 month ago

bobobimbo (avatar)

bobobimbo @inedreamland yessss sometimes I don’t think it’s because of age... might be our experiences and challenges that make us change our perspective

1 month ago

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