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Saw everyone doing the 10-year challenge and I decided to do it too.

So I went searching for photos I took in 2009 and it took me a long while.

Then it struck me. I didn’t really take any photos that year. It was a really dark time for me. I was with someone else that time and it was an LDR. He was away in China and I knew he was cheating on me and I was living in self denial. I just refused to admit it.

He wouldn’t call/Skype me for days and weeks. Wouldn’t even message, claiming he was too busy. He would send random emails when he was happy but never replied mine.

I would count down to the days he came home. And when he WAS in SG, he wouldn’t meet me. He would say things like, “See you later.” And have me wait for hours and hours without knowing when. And I stupidly waited. Sometimes I could wait an entire day and he finally said he had to entertain guests and wasn’t free.

He would only meet me when he needed to. Like it was a meeting or a gathering where everyone was a couple or everyone had to go with someone.

I knew everything was bad but I refused to admit it. 27 and lying to myself still.

Anyway in early 2010, I think it was January, we finally broke up. I was the one who said the words but I can’t really tell who broke up with who since I think he long gone gave up.

Then in March 2010, L and I got together.

We knew each other way before that... probably in 2007 or 2008. But we were just acquaintances. He worked at this company that manages a website I liked going to and I was always complaining about the bugs on the site.

L and I? It’s coming to 9 years this March. We’re not married. Hahah a lot of couples asked us. We’re just slow about this. I’ll get to be a #dayrebride one day but I think... it’ll come much later πŸ˜‚

We hardly quarrel.

I think the number of times we quarrel can be counted with one hand. We’re on the same page for a lot of things and we do disagree on things but we always listen to each other and come to a compromise. We thank each other for the littlest things (I love this best) and we try to remember not to take each other for granted. He encourages me and supports me and I try to do the same.

When we started A Merry Moment, I thought we would have more tiffs. But nope. We’re in sync in our business as well. And it helps that we’re interested in different aspects of it so we took charge of different things naturally.

I’m really grateful I found L. ❀️

Day 17

Thursday, 17 Jan 2019

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vroomz (avatar)

vroomz you and L are so sweet! amazing that y'all are in sync even when working together 😍

7 months ago

ahhbad (avatar)

ahhbad δ½ ιƒ½ζ²‘ζœ‰ε˜εˆ°!!

7 months ago

bobobimbo (avatar)

bobobimbo @vroomz haha ya it’s like finding a soulmate. We complete each other’s sentences all the time. Super lame. πŸ˜‚ thank you!!!

7 months ago

bobobimbo (avatar)

bobobimbo @ahhbad ζœ‰ε•¦γ€‚ 老了 phone camera cannot capture the wrinkles. Lol

7 months ago

knottinvisuals (avatar)

knottinvisuals Two of you are sweet! :)

7 months ago

triplecoffee (avatar)

triplecoffee Wonderful that you guys can work together harmoniously! My husband and I always joked about how we will kill each other if we worked together. Hahaha πŸ˜‚

7 months ago

carplate1030 (avatar)

carplate1030 You and L = relationship goals!! πŸ˜‚ me and my bf hardly 9 months already quarrel alot! Hahahaha. What more yours is 9 years!!

7 months ago

bobobimbo (avatar)

bobobimbo @knottinvisuals haha we’re the lame kind of sweet I think. Very 老倫老妻 sort

7 months ago

bobobimbo (avatar)

bobobimbo @triplecoffee haha ya it was a little unexpected though. I mentally prepared myself that things might not be so smooth... turned out way better than I expected.

7 months ago

bobobimbo (avatar)

bobobimbo @carplate1030 haha we’re ok I guess. Not really relationship goals yet. Might be better if we pushed each other more. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sometimes quarrels can be good. Helps each other grow.

7 months ago

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