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While tucking Chloe in bed, I saw my phone clock shows 12:02am. I looked at @stephminha and excitedly said "faster wish me!!!" He kissed my cheek and wished me happy birthday. πŸ˜†

As for my girl... She was crying whole nite. My first bday present from her was her pile of milk vomit. πŸ˜… After long pacifying by both of us taking turns, she finally settled down and slept at about 3am.

My duty is not over. While ahbuii sleeps, I transformed and became momma cow. Gotta pump those milk yo.

Finally my turn to sleep.

About 8am
Chloe demands for milk. Woke up and heat up the milk. Currently feeding 70ml. Feed her and burp her. And sleep back. And once again momma cow appears.

Pump pump pump... 🍼🍼🍼

Slept back at 9am.

12 noon
Princess wakes up for milk. Heat milk, feed her, burp her. Put her to bed, I pump.

Basically after every feed, I pump to maintain supply.

Ahbuii went out with his mom and his sis and her bf for lunch. I didn't wanna go cos I wanna confine my daughter. Lol...

It's not me going through confinement. It's Chloe.

Feed. Pump.

Then... Dunno what happened. Crying fit... πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

Fed her more milk.


Still crying...


Still crying murder...

Another 10ml

Milk drunk! Concussed!!!


Day 341

Thursday, 7 Dec 2017

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