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Defect Check - Absolute Inspection

It's defect check day!

#MingQiCrib #dayrehome #dayrehomes #dayrereno

Unfortunately, H cannot take leave today so it is just me and Mummy, who kindly took morning AL. Ow~~~

It feels a bit scary to not have H by my side. Not sure why... Probably afraid I have no idea how to turn on the water valve? Afraid I will be taken advantage of (by the inspector from inspection company) when I am left alone? 😡 Probably thinking too much. LOL


Omg the guy has reached our block already! 8.12am!!! SIA LA!


Ok, the inspector, Kim is checking on all the sockets now!


Checked: bathroom water flow, main gate, main door, bomb shelter, living room wall.

Kim is a guy with few words.

However, he works really fast! I'm so impressed πŸ‘

Checking my DB area.


See all the markings?

Omg he's so fast I cannot catch up.

Pink for major defect and blue for minor.

Close up view

Defects marked in the second common bedroom.


Got to go nearby toilet to shit! Stupid stomach that always wants me to shit when I'm at my new house.

I'm dead tired. Made so many trips to the new house that my legs are giving way.

Morning- Food Court opp. current home to new home

Mid way- Need to LS. New home - Food Court, Food Court - New Home.

Noon - New Home to Food Court area to buy padlock.

Noon - Back to New Home to unlock main door and main gate, put in padlock and hand key to BSC. Waited 20 minutes as it was their lunchtime.

Noon - New Home - Current Home

Mid Noon - Paranoid that I did not switch off one of the water valve properly and H is very particular about this... so... Current Home to New Home.

Did what I was supposed to and walked home again.
New Home - Current Home.

Each trip from home - home is 15 minutes long, by foot. I think I did 2017's worth of leg exercise.


Off to tidy up some paperwork before I continue this morning updates! πŸ—’πŸ“‚πŸ–Š


View from the corridor into my service yard.

The stickers look like flies on the wall. Hurhur!


Padlock that cost me $13.50. WHY IS A PADLOCK SO EXPENSIVE?

Is it i ε€§ζƒŠε°ζ€ͺ?!


Just in case anyone is interested, I engaged Absolute Inspection to do the check.

Response from the boss, Wee Kwang is prompt and he is very patience towards all my questions. Very nice guy πŸ‘

For couples who are on budget, I would suggest you conduct your own defect check as their service does not come cheap.


Kim was done in 2 hours. Mostly minor defects spotted. Kudos to him on speedy work!

Hub just tagged me in a FB post and I saw this! I WANT THE NAVY COUPLE LEH!!! OMGGGGGG!!!

Day 209

Friday, 28 Jul 2017

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fullofdusk (avatar)

fullofdusk Hello! May I know how much you spent on hiring the contractor to inspect? Thank you!

1 year ago

blubaobao (avatar)

blubaobao @fullofdusk $450 usual price for 4 room, 3 times of inspection. You can ask for discount if you are willing to be the group buy organiser for your estate.

1 year ago

coffeeluvs (avatar)

coffeeluvs Actually, we asked our ID to help with defects checking. I think usually ID will help at no cost bah.

1 year ago

blubaobao (avatar)

blubaobao Yes some do. Anyway I felt ID's expertise still lies in interior design and space planning so I decided to go with Absolute. :) @coffeeluvs

Each to their own preference I guess , hehe.

1 year ago

desxgoh (avatar)

desxgoh Wah the navy couple is very cute! Glad you got it babe! Defects check done now can start Reno soon!

1 year ago

blubaobao (avatar)

blubaobao @desxgoh yeah we bought the couple in the end. Heartpain but worth the $$. But I haven't finish defects check... still got 2 more rounds to go. Hahaha

1 year ago

desxgoh (avatar)

desxgoh Omg so much defects ah? MH is helping us I hope chop chop with our joint efforts πŸ˜› I'm looking forward to your Reno process too! πŸ˜—

1 year ago

blubaobao (avatar)

blubaobao Hehehe I think yours might start faster than mine. Hehehe @desxgoh

1 year ago

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