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updated 11 months ago

An email has been sent out to you (please make sure to read the entire post)

As mentioned in the Official Dayre Blog on 9 February, the function to download your Dayre postings is finally ready. Just to clarify, the emails will be sent out in batches, scheduled from 12 February to 14 February. Please be patient and check your inbox and spam mail too just in case.

Do check your email and find the steps as below:

1) Click on the link provided in your email
2) Once you click on the link, you will be in queue for the system to export out your Dayre postings.
3) After the process has been completed, an automated email will be sent out to you, together with a personalized link to download your postings.
4) Click on the link; a zipped file will be downloaded.
5) Extract the zipped file and click on "click_here.html".
6) There you have it, all your Dayre postings from the beginning of time.

Please be patient as the process will take up some time. Please also be reminded that you would need to click on the link as soon as possible, best before 22 February. The system needs some time to process and export your postings which will be done by 28 February.

If there is any difficulties or issues regarding the process, please email to and provide your Dayre username for easy reference.

Thank you for your support

Best regards,

The Dayre Team

Day 44

Tuesday, 13 Feb 2018

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hoppypoppyz (avatar)

hoppypoppyz Hi, may I know if the email has been sent out to all Dayre users already? Or will it be sent out in batches? Thank you!

11 months ago

charissa2412 (avatar)

charissa2412 Hi! I have yet to receive the email. Has it been sent out to everyone yet?

11 months ago

jasminegreenmilktea (avatar)

jasminegreenmilktea Hello, I haven't received the email tooπŸ˜…

11 months ago

windmillsandmerlion (avatar)

windmillsandmerlion Hi i have not received any email?

11 months ago

itshazelnut (avatar)

itshazelnut Same here! No email received!

11 months ago

judiff (avatar)

judiff Hello, I haven’t received an email either.

11 months ago

Mommyrella (avatar)

Mommyrella Me neither πŸ€”

11 months ago

imalittleteapot (avatar)

imalittleteapot No email received too 😐

11 months ago

hertravellingyears (avatar)

hertravellingyears hi, I haven’t received too

11 months ago

Sunshinefarts (avatar)

Sunshinefarts Me too

11 months ago

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