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Shopee Cash Voucher up to RM900 Could Be Yours!

Welcome to the Shopee Mall Write and Win Contest

So, do you love shopping? Are you the sort of person who appreciates a bargain? And do you especially, especially love having your shopping delivered to your doorstep?

Then this contest is for you!

All you have to do is write about Shopee Mall.

Tell us what Shopee Mall is all about, what you love about it, your past experience with it, anything. Anything about it and you’re good to go!

Here they are, and don't worry, they're very simple!

● All you have to do is blog about Shopee Mall on your Dayre.
● Include the #ShopeeMallMY hashtag on your Dayre post.
● Speed is almost everything. Be the first 200 Dayreans to post to win RM5 vouchers each as well as to stand a chance to win cash prizes.
● Creativity packs a punch. Only the most creative posts out of that 200 will win the cash prizes.
● Languages accepted are English, Malay and Chinese.
● Deadline is 3rd November 2017.

To find Shopee Mall, follow this link:

The prizes are as follows:
● 1x Grand Prize (RM900 cash voucher)
● 1x Runner Up (RM500 cash voucher)
● 1x 2nd Runner Up (RM300 cash voucher)
● 3x Consolation Prizes (RM100 cash voucher)

Super simple, right? So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and post, post, post! This is no time for that infamous Malaysian Timing leh.

Those cash vouchers are waiting for you.

* Vouchers for all participants + winner announcement on 10th November 2017

Day 297

Tuesday, 24 Oct 2017

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luqmanzakaria (avatar)

luqmanzakaria can't wait for the results

1 year ago

athirahlani (avatar)

athirahlani Can I write more about shoppemall? And is it One post consider as one contest entry or one person can only submit one contest entry? 🙈

1 year ago

blog (avatar)

blog @athirahlani hey, there! You're totally allowed to write more about shopee! So yes, you can send in more than one entry (:

1 year ago

tihanna (avatar)

tihanna dear platform does the announcement of the winner will be made of?


1 year ago

movievalentine (avatar)

movievalentine What was the result? :p

1 year ago

luqmanzakaria (avatar)

luqmanzakaria who is the winner?

1 year ago

jonut (avatar)

jonut can you guys please give us the option to unfollow the officially dayre blog ?

1 year ago

jonut (avatar)

jonut *official. thanks.

1 year ago

sinyee91 (avatar)

sinyee91 What’s the result ya?

1 year ago

athirahlani (avatar)

athirahlani I really hope that your team can keep what you’ve promise 😫

11 months ago

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