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updated 9 months ago

Message from Our CEO

Hello Dayreans,

Our CEO has just posted a message to further address the closing of Dayre.

Read his latest post here @desmondkiu

Thank you again for your support.

Day 41

Saturday, 10 Feb 2018

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wang_hx (avatar)

wang_hx When will the backup function be available?

9 months ago

isleepalot (avatar)

isleepalot ^ This comment is real. Please don't just say it'll be available then last minute eat your words.

9 months ago

angieserasee (avatar)

angieserasee ^ yes this. It would be great if the backup function can be launched asap for users to know the format of how our posts can be downloaded and saved so as to decide whether or not should we back up our posts manually!

9 months ago

andpleasedontcry (avatar)

andpleasedontcry Also, please provide more information regarding the refund for Dayre Plus. Thank you.

9 months ago

joannaerin (avatar)

joannaerin I second the above comment. ^

9 months ago

Kristelight (avatar)

Kristelight @dayre Yup please let us know how to save n download our posts !

9 months ago

sambalchilli (avatar)

sambalchilli Hi all, Please help to fill in this survey! Thanks!!

9 months ago

iffhkmliaa (avatar)

iffhkmliaa i want my posts to be kept forever 😭

9 months ago

bastjan (avatar)

bastjan No ETA on how to archive past post?

9 months ago

ginnnnana (avatar)

ginnnnana Hi, some Dayreans already received the link to download their posts but I still haven't received an email ☹️

9 months ago

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