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updated 10 months ago

Important Updates

Hello Dayreans,

As the downloads are taking longer than expected, we will keep Dayre up for a few more weeks to ensure all download requests are properly completed. We are also currently sorting out the refund process for both coins purchase and eligible Dayre Plus users. We’ll update you on further developments as they come.

At the same time, we have received offers from interested parties to acquire Dayre and to keep this community up. We would like to thank you for your interest and offers which we are now in the midst of evaluating. If there are other parties who would like to make an offer, kindly connect with us at

Thank you again for your support and stay tuned for more updates.

Day 54

Friday, 23 Feb 2018

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Akatsuki_Kiara (avatar)

Akatsuki_Kiara thank you so much for ensuring we get our downloads. means a lot to us, and it shows how you guys really care (': really hope dayre will stay alive. it's such an amazing platform 🙆

10 months ago

Ellyyy (avatar)

Ellyyy Yes please let Dayre survive! This app has such great potential and a great community.

10 months ago

wokandkadhai (avatar)

wokandkadhai Thank u

10 months ago

eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan So glad that @sgbudgetbabe ‘s efforts are making a difference!

10 months ago

brontosaurus (avatar)

brontosaurus thank you for making sure we get our downloads, really appreciate the effort ❤

10 months ago

saltvinegar (avatar)

saltvinegar Thank you 😊

10 months ago

elleyseestheworld (avatar)

elleyseestheworld Hi @blog I sent an email to get the download link to my preferred email but till now I have not gotten any respond.. kindly check.. thanks :)

10 months ago

sarahhsoo (avatar)

sarahhsoo BLESS U THANK U

10 months ago

illllleahart (avatar)

illllleahart I haven't received any download links :(

10 months ago

marily (avatar)

marily Yayyyyy more time with dayre ❤️

10 months ago

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