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July 2017

Greetings to all, and Eid Mubarak! In the spirit of the festive season, we would like to announce two great news in our efforts to keep Dayre alive and kickin'! 1) We want to appreciate our Dayreans by giving out 300 free coins to users with more than 1000 followers. The coins have been credited to all eligible users as of today, so do enjoy and splurge them on the cute stickers! (Do check out A Day in The Life of Beare, our current favourite!)

June 2017

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A Singapore Special: Shopee Cash Vouchers Giveaway!

Greetings everyone! It’s June, coming on July, and nothing is better than the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE (if you live in Singapore.) Seriously though, an entire country, participating in selling things at a discount. I, for one, have already spent too much! This is me basically...

This post first appeared on @desmondkiu Dear Dayre citizens, How's it going? My name is Desmond and it's a great honor & privilege for me to be appointed as the new leader of Netccentric - parent company of Nuffnang & Dayre. As a CEO, I report to our shareholders who have laid upon my shoulders - a big responsibility to turn this company around.

February 2017

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We interrupt your daily Dayre feed with some updates to your Dayre experience! First up, with the popularity of video in the recent years on social media, you might have noticed that we've revamped our video feature slightly. You'll now be able to record up to 30 seconds of video, or upload 30 seconds of video from your phone.

January 2017

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Dear Dayreans, we are now 10 days into the start of 2017 - how are your #2017Resolutions coming along? It has been an energetic start here with #TeamDayre, and we’re pumped up for what else is to come!

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Hi Dayreans! Happy 2017, and we hope that everyone’s new year is off to a great start. We’re back to share with you guys a couple of new items on the app.

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