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February 2019

Yep I have expensive taste, yep I am materialistic and yep I am high maintenance. I will only eat the best, wear clothes I think are nice enough, and use high end makeup and skincare. I will always be willing to spend on hair and nails and facials and when I can afford it, aesthetic procedures. I will only go to cool places to exercise, meet friends, have drinks. I will go for holidays to enjoy myself every now and then.

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SO irritated since early in the morning today all because of that box of strawberries. I should've just fucking brought it. Ugh.

So tired, but it's been fulfilling. Seeing what one month can do to a person, I can't help but wonder how much things could change in the next few weeks and months.

Heart attack today. Legit could feel my heart racing and had to take deep breaths many times to calm myself down enough to do my work wtf. Never been one who deals with stress well (esp those immediate give-it-to-me now situations) because I always need time to understand and internalize the thing before I can do it. But today I didn't have that kind of time.Just glad to have gotten through the day. Tomorrow's gonna be the same. Hope I don't fuck anything up sigh.

The day just started and it's already such a bad day wtf

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