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This is history in the making

May 2019

P’s milk intake is down to barely 500ml a day! #dayremummies When should I drop a bottle? She will be 11 months soon (wtf?!? Time flies it’s so surreal typing that) She gets 3x bottles a day. 2 are expressed BM and one is formula. She is on 3 full meals and snacks in between. I’m a bit over the whole pumping shebang and ready to hang up my flanges tbh.

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We finally bit the bullet and hired a sleep consultant last week. Still struggling a little to put P down for her naps in the day but she goes down within 5 mins at night. She is also officially night weaned now and does 11 or 12 hour sleeps at night, even though she wakes herself at least twice overnight she settles within 10 mins. This is real progress for us but I sorely miss boobing her at nights and cuddling her in the bed every night 😥

My breastfeeding journey is surely but slowly drawing to a close. After 12 hours of not latching/pumping I only got 100mL. It’s a very bittersweet feeling. While I will not miss pumping and having to ensure a freezer stock ready for P, I will definitely miss being her source of nutrition. I know this is inevitable when returning to work but it still makes me a little sad to realize that she will be just fine without me (and my boobs!)

April 2019

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Love love public holidays because the husband can actually spend time with us for a change! It was such a beautiful day today so we headed out to soak up some sun in the city. P was so happy to be out and about crawling around the grass patch while we had a mini picnic of sorts with takeaway dessert after a yummy Greek lunch. If all goes well we will probably head to the children’s farm tomorrow or the aquarium depending on weather! Love bringing P out. So much easier than before.

Happy to announce that both P and I survived my first full day back at work 🥳 She doesn’t drink much milk when she’s not with me but that’s fine, since I’m only working max 3 days a week she can supplement on solids for those days I guess? And she will probably want to latch the whole night so good luck to me tonight.. Work was actually exhilarating. Never thought getting back into the grind would feel this good.

Alright #dayre2.0 is nearly here.Which of my small number of followers are staying? I honestly doubt I’d be, may do a month depending on pricing and see how it goes. But I’d love to keep in touch with the few people I’ve interacted with here on Instagram.

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