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Epi-lasik with Clear Vision


Using snow app so that I can look presentable haha. We slept so late last night. ๐Ÿ™ˆ

My eyes are almost 80% clear so I will be sharing about my Clear Vision Epi-lasik story later on today if I am not too tired from the flight. Otherwise maybe tomorrow?

Why Lasik?

Just a note that my surgery was Epi-lasik, another form of lasik but I'll touch on that later! Just want to share why I decided to even go for this treatment at all.

I have worn contact lenses since I was primary 6? As a former ballet dancer and sports player, spectacles were extremely inconvenient for me. Can you imagine dancing with spectacles on? One jump and my spectacles will fall off. ๐Ÿ™ˆ While playing sports, sweat will also cause my spectacles to slide off and hence contact lenses was a more viable option.

It was all fine until probably about 3 years ago during a Korea trip, I had difficulties removing the contact lens in my left eye.

It was so, so painful like a sharp pain and I used to have such cases before and all I needed was to hydrate the eyes before taking it out. However, I couldn't remove it at all even though I dripped eye drops. To be honest, I was terribly scared that the lens could not be removed. Luckily, after numerous attempts I removed it! I think I tried for like 1 hour.

That wasn't the end though as it left me with a sore, red and teary eye over the next few days.

I visited a doctor immediately after returning to Singapore and was diagnosed with dry eyes. My cornea wasn't damaged and I was so afraid that it might have been because I had to keep squeezing my eyes to take the lenses out. Even though the doctor said that I could attempt to wear lenses again if my eyes were not dry anymore, I decided it wasn't worth the risk! Eyes are the windows to the world and I wasn't going to ruin that.

I used to wear contacts lenses for about 10 hours a day? Prolonged wearing of lenses will also result in super dry, yellowish eyes which my aunt had. Her doctor told her she could never wear contacts again at the age of 40.

Switching to spectacles was not easy! I found that it was hard for my glasses to match my outfit and on most days I looked more like a nerd. ๐Ÿ˜‚ It also felt weird wearing my glasses to events, let me show you what I mean!

This pair was the one I had when I first stopped wearing contact lenses 3 years ago. It was squarish and purple which meant that it couldn't match some of my outfits.

Found this cute picture with a little dog haha.

I switched to this black ones for about a month. This metal pair was very heavy and it hurt on the eyes. It also kept slipping down because of my low nose bridge.

I think this was the pair after. It was slightly more fashionable but as you can see, I am wearing a pink dress and it just doesn't match the look at all.

When I take ootds, I have to remove my spectacles and I will not be able to see haha. My degree is about 450 plus close to 100 plus for astigmatism.

This was my final pair of spectacles! I chose gold as I felt it would match more outfits. It was however also very painful on the ears and it kept slipping down my nose, though not as much as the black one.

I couldn't wear big hooped earrings with this spectacles as it looked like I had 4 circles on my face. ๐Ÿ˜‚

This was my special proposal night and I looked pretty horrible with the spectacles & crochet dress. :'(

As my wedding is next year, I knew that I had to do something since I wasn't going to wear my gown with my spectacles!

Drea recommended me to Clear Vision since it was a non invasive treatment and it worked well for her. This treatment doesn't cut the cornea at all, which prevents further complications like cornea flap being dislodged, irritated dry eyes etc.

The standard lasik treatment requires the cornea to be cut, the laser to reshape your cornea and a cornea flap will be put in place. It sounds pretty scary to me when I read that the older treatments required a blade to cut your cornea. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ It also causes dry eyes which was a big no-no for me since I already had dry eyes. This is why I decided to go with Clear Vision Trans-PRK treatment!

Trans-PRK is a non invasive, one step all in one no touch procedure

I also imagined myself waking up with 20/20 vision every day.. and the thought of it was simply exciting haha. I didn't feel scared of the surgery, I was more excited than anything!

Anyway, I was asked to go down for an evaluation process to check if my eyes were suitable for the Trans-PRK treatment.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation process can take 2-3 hours and it costs $25! You'll go through a few tests and see the doctor too. Your eyes will be dilated so I will suggest you to take leave on that day for the test!

These photos were taken on my surgery day as I wasn't prepared to take photos on my first visit!

There is no pain involved during the evaluation process so please don't worry about it! You should eat something before the process incase you get hungry.

These are the tests during the evaluation process:
- Visual Acuity test
- Objective & subjective refraction
- Tonometry Test
- Slit Lamp biomicroscope test
- Corneal thickness measurement
- Orbscan
- Sirius
- Detailed dilated fundus examination

I was surprised to find that my cornea thickness was still relatively okay! If it is too thin, there might be a problem. My astigmatism was very high on my left eye so I was advised by Dr Ho to have the Trans-PRK Xtra to further protect my eye. โ€จ

More pictures to show you what it is like during the evaluation process. Very relaxing, fuss free and easy! Just let them tell you where to focus and relax haha.

If your eyes are suitable for the treatment, your surgery will be held on another day.

Oh if you are wearing contact lenses you need to stop wearing 2 days before for soft lenses and 10 days before for hard lenses. Please don't forget this ok!

A pretty cool machine over here.

I really liked how the clinic gives you a lot of information on the procedure. I was brought to this room after all the tests and watched a 10 minute video explaining the whole procedure and the difference between Trans-PRK and the usual lasik procedure. I think it is important for you to find out all about the surgery since it is after all a life-time thing!

Surgery Day

Headed to the clinic bright and early for the surgery! I think my appointment was 1030am.

Some things to note for the surgery day:

1. Make sure you wear a long sleeve top and jeans as you might be cold
2. No makeup!
3. Have someone to pick you up after the surgery. Uber / grab will not do because you might not be able to see

I made a mistake by assuming that I could go home myself haha and had to call Glen to rescue me lol.

The clinic is conveniently located in town. Just right behind Lucky Plaza and beside Mount Elizabeth hospital.

My doctor, Dr Ho is the first doctor to perform the Epi-lasik surgery when it was introduced in 2004. He feels that it is so much better than the cut and flap method that he stopped the old lasik surgery altogether in 2009. He only does Epi-lasik / Trans-PRK lasik now.

I felt that I was in great hands with the large number of years of experience.

After some tests to double check my eyes to make sure that they were alright, I was given a form to sign which indicated clearly that I could still opt out of the surgery.

Yeap let's say you decide on that day that you were not feeling well or not for it, you can still cancel. You do not make payment for the surgery until the actual day.

Some tips on what to take note of after the surgery. They will go through all these before the surgery, giving you a starter kit with the various eye drops and even a schedule paper for you to make sure that you are on track for the eye drops. That was perfect for someone like me haha.

I was asked to lie down and they put more eye drops in my eyes. My eyes are quite small haha and they need to widen the eyes. A device was used and placed against my eyes to widen it and prevent it from blinking during the surgery.

I think this was the most uncomfortable part of it all because my eyes were wide open for a good 1 minute, no blinking at all!

See this machine? This will be the machine used for the laser treatment! At Clearvision, they use the latest, advanced excimer laser technology – the Schwind Amaris 1050RS. Currently, the Schwind Amaris 1050RS is known as the best excimer lasesr technology in the world, equipped with advanced SmartSurface technology. The laser corrects 100 degrees of myopia in as fast as 1.3 seconds. All I needed to do was to stare at the green laser light and focus on it. I think it took about 50 seconds each.

This was after the first eye was done and I was resting before the second eye. To be honest, I didn't feel scared at all before the surgery but I got a little scared after entering the room. It is after all a surgery and many thoughts were running through my head.

What if the surgery wasn't successful? What if something went wrong during the surgery?

But I was already in the room and decided that my goal to have clear vision for life was worth it!

And... we were done! It was all quite fast, probably 15 minutes for me?

The most uncomfortable part was when my eyes had to be kept wide open. My eyes were teary after the surgery but they prepared sunglasses for us, thankfully! My eyes were also super sensitive to light and I had to walk out of the clinic with eyes closed. ๐Ÿ˜‚

This post is getting really long so I think I'll spilt my experience into a few posts! You can ask me questions below or dm me / send me an email if you are shy and I'll try my best to answer them in the next post. Something like an FAQ?

A disclaimer that I am partially sponsored for the surgery and I paid a few thousands for the surgery. Even though I am sponsored, I waited for my eyes to really show results before posting this as I wanted to make sure that this is an effective surgery before sharing it with all of you.

The surgery costs $3625.25 for the normal one without Trans-PRK xtra. If you quote my name, you get $120 off! It's a small discount but still can save a little. :)

You can pay via instalment over 12 months!

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Sunday, 23 Jul 2017

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vanillabeam (avatar)

vanillabeam @bertillawong hi how do u manage to go for lasik surgery despite having dry eyes? My friend couldnt due to her dry eyes:x

9 months ago

bertillawong (avatar)

bertillawong @vanillabeam Hi! Did you Friend go for the old lasik cut and flap procedure or Epi-lasik like mine?

9 months ago

vanillabeam (avatar)

vanillabeam she went for a lasik consultation and was told that it was hard for her to do lasik ( perhaps for diff types of lasik)

9 months ago

nauxaijj (avatar)

nauxaijj hey bert can i know which clinic did u consult for this treatment? it sounds like a great alternative! โ˜บ๏ธ

9 months ago

coffeeluvs (avatar)

coffeeluvs Hi, does the lasik hurt at all? And any side effect?

9 months ago

23sept (avatar)

23sept hi! how much did the treatment cost you in total!

9 months ago

Heartinabubble (avatar)

Heartinabubble hi :) thanks for sharing, can you pay by installments on credit and how much would it be if u have astigmatism?

9 months ago

hiddenrollysmiles (avatar)

hiddenrollysmiles What's the trans-Prk extra? Hehhee

9 months ago

lmiaohui (avatar)

lmiaohui Thanks for sharing Bert!! Such a good investment. Maybe I can start considering

9 months ago

rollikelephants (avatar)

rollikelephants Will your myopia come back again? Or will you have perfect vision for the rest of your life? :)

9 months ago

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