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The other day at Tess Bar with Bel! Been a while since we met since London. This girl loves her wine so I brought her to this bar because they have bespoke drinks! Super nice haha.

I told them I wanted something sweet and mine tasted like chocolate. The second drink I ordered I said I wanted it to be more refreshing and it came with orange peels. 😅

Our first drink each! Bel's one tasted really nice, like cherry blossoms haha.

Their food selection is quite wide and none of the dishes we ordered failed us. In fact it was super good haha.

This was pork belly!

The one thing I miss most while in Europe would be clams in white wine sauce. Europe ones are just not as soupy as Asia ones.. I think it might be because of our different taste palettes but I really prefer the soupy ones so much better. 🙈

This is going to be an incoherent post to throwback on various images.

Above image was shot on the iphone. Sunsets are glorious, sunrises are magnificent!!

Blue skies and me. Dressed in Agnes Blouse along with our tote now on backorders!

I was at Westgate for a short while yesterday and this blouse was so pops! Almost every customer that walked in walked away with one piece haha.

Co-Dayre happening with @briannawonggg and @theclosetlover today! Check out this awesomez redz heelz. 😍

Realised that I haven't posted my #tclootd of this outfit yet!

Wore this for one of our styling sessions in KL along with our star sandals. If you haven't bought the star sandals you should go get one now before they sell out. 😉

Leigh pleated pants in sweet light pink. The twist is the pleats is only made for the front so you won't need to worry about it being flattened at the back.

This top which many of you asked when I wore it. Was at Bugis today and we sold quite a few pieces too!

It is the same top worn above with my jeans. There is red, olive and white for it! I think I want to keep the red too haha. I am in a red phase now lol.

So pretty. 😍

Luela printed tote, available on backorders. Our first printed tote and we have more to come okay!

Kept the tones white and pink with a pop of color by bringing our Luela Tote along!

I think it's unique because of the puffed sleeves. It has a thick waistband at the waist which makes for a flattering cut!

Mummy Wong saw this pants and wanted one immediately. 😇

Giveaway happening on @theclosetlover nowwwww. Just a few simple steps to win a TCL voucher!

Really enjoyed reading the post even though I know what's going to happen with the planning going behind it. 🙈

Day 216

Friday, 4 Aug 2017

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juannahope (avatar)

juannahope is this agnes blouse an upcoming?

1 year ago

bertillawong (avatar)

bertillawong @juannahope yes this Sunday! :)?

1 year ago

negnix (avatar)


1 year ago

kchongsie (avatar)

kchongsie Hello! Would there likely to be a backorder/restock for the star sandals? 😖

1 year ago

thensh (avatar)

thensh Hello! Is this pleats pants launch yet? (:

1 year ago

bertillawong (avatar)

bertillawong @negnix get it!!

@kchongsie nope sorry!! Maybe opt for the other Color :)

@thensh yes it is! Online and in stores :)

1 year ago

unfailinglove (avatar)

unfailinglove hi bert will the lauren gingham top in pink be opened for backorders? (:

1 year ago

bertillawong (avatar)

bertillawong @unfailinglove currently no so sorry!

1 year ago

rgnlm (avatar)

rgnlm Hii Bert, may I know where you took those ootds at? The Tiffany blue flower backdrop is so pretty!

1 year ago

babybreath (avatar)

babybreath Hey Bert, my I know where did you get your red tassel earrings from? They look gorgeous 🤗

1 year ago

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