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Here to talk abit about the collection tonight! Actually I just wanna post the photos because this place cost us quite a bit to book haha.

Well Victoria Secret had their photoshoot here before..Zhang Ziyi also shot here...Jessica Alba too! So yes it is quite a popular place for photoshoots. I can't remember how I found this place but I do quite an extensive research on places to shoot for our overseas photoshoots. We breathed the same air as those Hollywood actresses! πŸ™ˆ

Just a tidbit that this Villa was restored from the 1950s and the current owner wanted to preserve the Mediterranean feel of the Villa. He spent quite a bit on renovations but I guess it was worth it for all the coverage it got!

The Villa was huge by the way. It had a swimming pool, garden, back garden overseeing Hollywood skyline and more. This is my second favorite place for our shoots haha but Bree's favorite is the desert. πŸ˜‚

I have a huge love for the place because it feels very glamorous and picturesque. I am not a glamorous person but when I saw this Villa somehow I felt that we had to shoot in it! And so we did. πŸ˜‡

The thing about coordinating overseas shoots is that the venues don't really let you reserve the dates. So you have to check for availability, check model's availability, check MUA's availability... then confirm all at the same time. Can you imagine if mid way through one of the above was unavailable?

So stressful okay! Bree says she wants to do 4 overseas shoots in a year I told her she can do it herself it is too stressful for me haha. Or find a producer overseas to handle everything for you ie bad weather plans too!

For those big international brands, their production team consists of like maybe...10 plus pax? We only have Bree, me, MUA & photographer. πŸ˜‚ It is stressful but I find it so rewarding when all is over and we see the pretty editorial pictures and of course hoping that our customers like the pictures! They look like it was shot easily but you don't know the mayhem behind during the actual shoot unless you are there. You only see the glam side haha.

I'll do a compilation of LA photos when all our collections are launched. Have to commemorate it because it was our biggest overseas shoot so far.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do!!

This dress which got quite some of you raving about it! We have the plain one in navy and the contrast one in pink. If you opt for the navy one, go loud with accessories!

The best part about wearing a solid color piece is you can enjoy styling it with whatever colored earrings or shoes, as long as they match. You could go with mustard earrings / mustard shoes, red earrings / black shoes, red earrings / red shoes, gold earrings / black shoes etc. Endless possibilities as long as you dare to.

Navy one as seen! I can't really see the accessorizing from here haha so I don't know how Bree styled this. For me I'll definitely go for colorful earrings.

Okay a dress like this would be nice to style with pearl earrings or gold one? Keep it more simple since the prints are already there to make your outfit stand out!

A softer touch to the look will be much nicer than say forest tassel earrings? That would be quite mismatched!

Oh we upgraded our flutter sleeves to two tiered ones hahaha keeping in trend with multi layered ruffles.

This dress has a unique t-back! Sizing runs smaller so opt for one size larger than your usual size okay!

@lemielch tried this one the other day and said the cut had a slimming effect. I think it is due to the neckline and the skater cut. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

HEELS. Oh man I am really into this red phase haha anything red I'll take! I keep choosing red for apparels too until Bree told me, "You think CNY ah?"

😍😍😍 Secretly hoping that it is haha. Anyway if you think red heels are too loud for you, opt to match with something simpler like a black dress or white dress? Oh this shoes is in time for... National Day!


See another red item here because I asked for it. @briannawonggg described to our 师爢 what sleeves she wanted and poof they did it! Haha. I think we wanted it abit more poofy but this is good too. Nicely done with a little bit of oomph.

We saved this print for LA! It is cream based with little florals and swallows.

Why did we do it in a jacket too? Bree loves jackets la you can see how many jackets we launched in our LA series. She wanted to have even more and I had to tell her to stop.

The print comes in a top as seen in the first photo above but don't wear them all together otherwise it will be too much!

You can wear the top and shorts together or a white top with the shorts and jacket. πŸ€—

Day 218

Sunday, 6 Aug 2017

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mikomxy (avatar)

mikomxy Hello Bert! My TCL order needs SOS >< I didn't manage to get my initial payment via the auto-paypal pop-up so I made a direct payment via paypal send payment function. I have sent an email to the TCL team, but my order still got cancelled (has my Bday discount applied too).

1 year ago

dezkua (avatar)

dezkua hihi! I saw a pretty white eyelet skirt on the model. Is it upcoming??

1 year ago

bertillawong (avatar)

bertillawong @mikomxy Hi babe! Sorry to hear about that!! Our CS team doesn't work over the weekends but they will get to your email soonest!! Thanks for the understanding!

1 year ago

bertillawong (avatar)

bertillawong @dezkua yes it is!!

1 year ago

j0celyn94 (avatar)

j0celyn94 Hello Bert! I just received the Julissa Printed dress and I sized up as you advised but it's abit too loose on me. Unfortunately in my excitement to wear the dress, I cut off the tag before realising it's too big for me. :( May I know if it's possible to exchange for a smaller size? I still have the tag with me and the clear plastic bag. I understand if it's not possible. :) Thanks!

1 year ago

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