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Happy new year all!! Been seeing all the sum-up 2018 Dayre posts around my feed. Life has been kinda fast moving and I wished I could continue posting after each #bertmasks entry. Most of the time I sleep immediately after the posting and the day gets too busy when I wake up. đŸ˜Ē

Have tons of updates but I am not sure if I will ever get down to posting it haha.

Day 6: Skinone snail hydrogel masks

I have always liked hydrogel masks more than the regular masks ever since I tried the Nature Republic hydrogel series. They are more expensive than the regular sheet masks but so so good! I find they make my skin feel softer and I love how it feels after each mask. The snail series is awesome too!


For hydrogel masks they usually come in two parts, one part for the upper half of your face and the other one for the lower half. Somehow I think they are unable to make it full face or maybe this works better? 😂

In other happier news, @briannawonggg is finally home!! Even though she has to go to TTSH again this week, I think being home makes it so much better already. Unfortunately when she is home it meant that I have to stay at Glen's because her body is still very weak and she can't afford to be close to anyone who is unwell. I have a slight cough and I was worried that I might end up affecting her or vice versa. It's our peak period now and I think I can't afford to be sick when she is. ☚ī¸

I am glad she's feeling much better la thank you everyone for wishing her well!! Whenever we are overseas and she starts coughing I always tell her not to drink cold drinks or bundle up or you know, take cough medication or go see a doctor - basically being naggy Wong. She'll always complain that I am too naggy but after this episode I think she won't complain anymore. đŸ¤Ŗ

I got my naggy genes from mummy Wong, nvm mummy Wong will nag on my behalf now since Bree is staying at home haha.

Highlight of December would be our @theclosetlover Xmas party! ❤ī¸ I get very excited when our Xmas party is near because Xmas is one of my fave seasons + our office and retail staff get to mingle and our old pixies come back!

Last year we held it at our office but this year we have slightly more people and our office doesn't have sufficient space with all the stocks in the office hence we booked a beautiful venue!

Tasked our office peeps to plan the event and so proud of them! They came up with a theme, games + prizes and we even had lucky draw and a photo booth haha. It was exactly how I envisioned our party to be and it was a great night except that poor Bree couldn't join in the fun. ☚ī¸

Booked a grab coach for our office peeps as we had to leave office early to set up the decorations and prep for the event. First time taking a coach and it was about $65 excluding erp charges! I guess it is more convenient than booking 3 ubers - everyone can head off together with all the barang barang.

Somehow I didn't take much photos again argh so I stole them off our TCL account haha. We booked The Co. at Duxton which is actually a co working space. You can book it for events! It is definitely more expensive than holding it at our office but I wanted a comfortable, intimate and cozy space for our staff to relax and enjoy themselves.

Our photobooth was kindly sponsored by Hello Funpics. They have multiple backdrops that you can change during the phototaking session and I must say that their range of props was amazinggg. So many different props to choose from! I have never seen a photobooth supplier provide so many props before.

The owner told me that they usually bring over 100+ props to all events so that clients can have a wider range to choose from. I must say the girls really enjoyed the photobooth la!!

I gave a short speech before we started. 😅 Not so much of a public speaker but I just really wanted to thank all our pixies for all the hard work. There are a billion people in the world and it is very special for our paths to cross. Of course people come and go but I hope we create good memories together! ❤ī¸

Can't miss having a photo with our FT retail staff! Sometimes I wish I could tell customers that our girls are very sweet and nice people. After standing for long hours in the shop, they might miss a smile or two but it doesn't mean that they don't want to serve you!

We always tell them to smile and serve as much as possible but people get tired too, so if you see them next time in stores maybe give them a thumbs up or thank them for helping you with your purchase! I am sure they will be so, so happy. 😌

With Ee Suan! The only part time pixie remaining from our first batch of pixies at Bugis Junction outlet as the rest has moved on to full time jobs while Ee Suan is still studying. Thanks for staying with us. 😘❤ī¸

With @itshazelnut who jumped in during her short break and helped out with marketing duties. Missing @stephsoo who is having her pre honeymoon hahaha. 😜

Old girls @mermaidsarereal and Janelle! I love it when the girls mix and get to know each other. Janelle was from our pioneer batch and Rachel was a few batches later but somehow or rather they caught up with each other and hang out together now haha. Fate works in a wonderful way don't you think? ;)

XPT! One of the åŧ€åŋƒæžœ of our pioneer batches too. 😌

Office peeps! These girls are the ones managing your online orders, handling your online emails and enquiries, preparing stock in, launches, social media accounts, designs, edms and more. The core of our company is not just Bree and I, but also these office girls and the retail girls who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

We have our customers to thank for following us along our journey since years ago but without these girls, we wouldn't have come these far too. ❤ī¸

I got my own signage!! 😂 Was so surprised at this special plaque I got LOL it says Bert W. ❤ī¸â¤ī¸â¤ī¸

So touched lah the girls were already so busy planning for the event but yet they still managed to find time to get a gift for Bree and I. 😭😭😭

When they first came up to me, all of them looked very serious and said, "Bert we have something to tell you."

I thought something major happened liked we forgot to pay our bills or what haha.

Thank you my dears!!

More pics with the girls, a mix of pioneer and newer batches. âŖī¸

@xinmeimei @mermaidsarereal

Our team boomerang! We have come such a long, long way and I get teary just thinking about it. 😭 From lugging stocks up my hall room on a roller chair to our first office to our first retail store and then our new #tclhq office last year - I remember almost every poignant moment. We have had good times and bad times and all the bad times have been good lessons for us. We are still learning every day! We can never be perfect but our team will definitely try their best to give you the very best.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you each and everyone of you for being with us on this journey. We have a couple of exciting things planned for 2018 like an exclusive collab and our iphone app! 😍

Can't wait to reveal all but in the meantime, I wish everyone a happy 2018!!

No pics with @briannawonggg that day so this will have to do! Without @briannawonggg, I wouldn't have had the strength to carry on during tough times and I can't think of anyone else to share this journey with.

Actually feeling like half of me is gone when Bree isn't handling work haha but it's ok health is more important so get well soon Sis and come back with a bang!!!


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desdesiree Hahahaha @stephsoo pre honeymoon sibo 😍😍

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stephsoo @desdesiree đŸ¤ŖđŸ¤Ŗ

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