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Ran errands about the island today. From Yishun to WG to 313 to WG and then to Tampines! I left my bag at WG and had to drive back to WG to get it. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Was supposed to send all our steamers for servicing as they all broke down at the same time. Oh please please buy extended warranty from Courts! It is 2 + 1 and on the third year you get to do a one for one exchange with Courts which is so worth it? Plus steamers tend to break down very quickly haha.

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Happy new year all!! Been seeing all the sum-up 2018 Dayre posts around my feed. Life has been kinda fast moving and I wished I could continue posting after each #bertmasks entry. Most of the time I sleep immediately after the posting and the day gets too busy when I wake up. 😪 Have tons of updates but I am not sure if I will ever get down to posting it haha.

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