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Clear Vision Epi-Lasik Q&A

Good morning! Woke up early today because it is Saturday and I have an important task - to answer all your questions regarding my lasik procedure from Clear Vision!

You can read about the procedure here @bertillawong:230717

I consulted Clear Vision for some of the questions so you can be assured the answers are from professionals. :)

Is there a maximum degree for the epi-lasik procedure?

In general, the maximum degrees TransPRK can correct is about 1,200 per eye. But this is really dependent on how thick your cornea is, and cornea thickness differs for each and every person. Hence, you need to go for the evaluation for the detailed eye tests first before the clinic can advise exactly how many degrees they can correct for each individual!

How long is the recovery period?

You'll be given 1 week of MC after the surgery which I suggest you to stay at home and recuperate! As each day goes by, my vision became clearer. Full recovery can take up to 2 months!

Does the surgery hurt, was there any pain and what are the side effects?

It is painless during surgery because numbing eye drops are applied to the eyes before. There may be post op discomfort for some, especially right after the surgery. Side effects include halos and light sensitivity, but these are temporary during the recovery period.

I didn't feel any pain during the surgery but it was quite uncomfortable after the surgery because my eyes were so sensitive to the light and they were very watery as well. I couldn't open my eyes at all after the surgery.

However, this lasted for only a while and after sleeping for 4 hours right after, my eyes were no longer watery and I could open them!

I didn't experience halo lights too! I think the side effects are dependent on your eyes but these are definitely not as dangerous as the complications arising from the old cut and flap method.

Is the price of the surgery dependent on how high your myopia is?

The standard flat pricing is $3,625.25 inclusive of GST, surgery for both eyes, prelasik evaluation, initial medications and post op reviews for one month. It is not dependent on your myopia or astigmatism degree.

Can I pay by installments?

Yes you can an opt for 6 or 12 months interest-free installments if you pay by the following credit cards UOB, OCBC, Maybank, Citibank, Standard Chartered.

What is Trans-PRK Xtra and when do you need the add-on?

TransPRK Xtra is an add-on treatment procedure to strengthen the cornea, and it's for people with weaker, thinner corneas and/or people who have suffered from cornea injury or damage. For more info, you can read it here:

I was advised to have the add on procedure as the astigmatism on my left eye was quite high! I didn't have second thoughts about it because I trusted the doctor's experience. If it was good for my eyes I'll take it!

Will your myopia come back again? Or will you have perfect vision for the rest of your life?

It's quite difficult for your myopia to come back again because the laser has permanently reshaped the cornea curvature. But if you strain your eyes a lot over time, you may experience regression in low degrees i.e. 50-200 degrees (e.g. It will never bounce back to the initial high myopia of 600 degrees!)

If you take good care of your eyes, TransPRK can allow you to have perfect vision for the rest of your life until lao hua sets in. :)

Everyone gets lao hua at some point in life because the eye muscles are weaker! I think it is just a matter of when you get it.

Will my dry eyes get worse or better after the surgery?

If you have dry eyes, you may be rejected for the cut and flap lasik surgery because it may cause your dry eye problem to worsen. This is mainly because in lasik, the surgeon has to make a large cut (3/4 circumference) on your cornea to open up the flap, and this damages corneal nerve endings.

However, if you opt for TransPRK, there's no cut so your dry eyes will not worsen. That said, if you already have dry eyes, TransPRK will not cure your dry eyes problem.

It will also not worsen the problem so don't worry about having even worse eyes after that!

I felt very assured when they explained to me that the surgery I was going for didn't cut the cornea. The doctor switched his whole clinic to this new technology some time back because he felt that this new technique was faster, more accurate and less complications. For surgery, I think most of us are worried about the complications after it? Less complications = less worries!

After the surgery and for whatever reason that our degree comes back, are we allowed to put contact lenses again?

Yes you can! You can even wear them 3-4 weeks after the surgery.

What do you do to avoid getting water into your eyes after the surgery?

Oh they give us these cleansing wipes for the eye area. For the first 3 days we are advised not to wash that area so I'll just wash half of my face very gently and close my eyes while doing so!

What is the difference between the $5 pre evaluation price on Instagram and the $25.20 I mentioned?

The $5 was a promotional price on Instagram. :) The usual price is $25.20 for people aged 45 and below!

The recovery period requires you to wear sunglasses and a cap. What if your job doesn't allow you to do so?

You only need to wear a cap and sunglasses while you are outdoors in the sun! For indoors, you don't need to.

If your job is always outdoors I'll suggest you to take a two months leave if you can? I don't think the risk of cornea scarring is worth it if you are unable to take proper care outdoors!

What was my degree before the surgery?

My degree was 550 on the left and 400 on the right with astigmatism for both eyes.

What is the clinic I went to for the surgery?

It is Clear Vision at 6 Nutmeg Road, located just beside Mount Elizabeth hospital. You can call them at 61002020 to book your evaluation test. 🤗

You can quote my name for $120 off too!


Okay that's all! If you have any questions I'll still try to reply them. I hope these answers have been effective in clearing your doubts. I have about 95% vision recovered except for my left eye which is still abit blur but visible! Looking forward to clearer vision soon. 💕

This is me this morning while preparing to get out of the house! I love how I can see my makeup clearly now on my face haha. Last time @briannawonggg will say I didn't blend my face properly blahhh because I stopped wearing contacts for a few years. I was always applying makeup without a clear vision. Even when I wore my spectacles you just can't see the whole look as well as without it.

I had time and the dslr today so I snapped some pictures of my routine today.

First would be the Mamonde rose toner! It is my daily toner now.

Then I went in this CP Lab invisible peeking booster which was all the rage on Dayre. To be honest I don't see significant differences in my skin with daily use as I use PC's BHA and AHA ones. Exfoliation is a gentle process, so I suppose it still helps me in a way!

Found this stashed somewhere and I bought this from Korea last year. About time I used it!

I wanted a glowing face after seeing Nam Glo's pictures haha uh she said your face has to look wet but not oily. 😂

I don't think I achieved it la but I tried anyway!

This beauty gel sort of melts into water form once applied on the face? Pretty cool!

My daily dosage of facial oils. I interchange my oils quite abit but this Akin one has been one of my favourites for a while! I also use Frank skincare oils. Give me oils > moisturisers anytime haha.

Let's not forget the eye area which is so important. I bought this from USA or Australia...? I can't remember sorry but I prefer to use gel instead of cream around the eyes to reduce the occurrence of oil seeds.

Lightweight and non sticky sunscreen today! This doesn't make my face look white.

Oh btw it is cheaper to buy at our airport than in Japan haha.

My one and only foundation now. My shade is sand!

Etude House's playstick for a bit of contour and highlight. I find Korean products very soft..? Like if I were to apply one swipe of ABH contour palette it would be 10 times as dark as this even if I were to apply this quite heavily haha. Maybe this is why the Korean actresses all look like they don't have makeup on them but still look super good??

My Natio concealer which is running out! I am trying to find a good concealer to conceal my embroidered eyebrow tattoo. Any recommendations? This doesn't cover well enough!

Into Korean brows recently so I skipped my ABH and applied Etude House's ones instead. Super easy to apply and soft!

Ah my favorite palette these days. Hourglass surreal palette in ambient lighting.

Somehow their face powder (the one on the far left) is amazing at creating this soft, lit effect. I don't use drugstore products very much so I am not sure if there are dupes out there. I only bought this because I could get it at 40% off. 😂

I applied my bronzer / blusher / highlighter / face powder from this palette today.

My holy grail for lips and dry spots. From Soley Organics, it is a product from Iceland. This product helps me with my lips which all other brands like Laneige / Burt's Bee / Fresh can never do haha.

If I have red lips from dryness, I'll apply a thick layer overnight and the next morning it'll be alright!

I wasted quite abit of $ on the other brands before finding this unexpectedly in Iceland. It helps with eczema, psoriasis etc too.

I apply this before lipstick!

My mum has a box of lipsticks and I randomly took one out to try haha. This is from Red Earth...? Eh I think it is a Korean brand.

I scored this tiny bottle at Nordstrom in USA. This is from Airin, a brand from Estee Lauder's daughter. Their fragrances are not bad lah but super expensive haha. This small bottle, travel sized, is about $40...? 😂

I don't think SG sells them!

There you have it, my steps for my look today!


I didn't MTXX it just added a filter from VSCO ok haha.

One culottes, two styles!

Style 1: Graphic tee x culottes x flat slider mules

Feeling like it's a Wonder Woman graphic tee day. Matched it with our Zoey Slit Culottes in olive! I have white and olive now whoop.

Anyway this first style is a more casual look since we were not going anywhere fancy!

Felt that tucking in the top wasn't nice enough so I tied it into a knot and added pink ombré tassel earrings.

My mules are from @theclosetlover and I really love them! They match well with almost all my outfits heh and I think this is great for shopping so that you don't have to keep taking off your shoes if you wanna try shoes. 😜

Already launched online in nude and black! Culottes available online tomorrow. 👌đŸģ

Style 2: White shirt x culottes x flat slider mules x scary x tote bag

We were going to Clarke Quay for dinner with his fam so I had to dressed up a little! Obviously the Wonderwoman tee was not appropriate for dinner as we were going to a restaurant.

I switched up the tee for a white shirt!

I accessorized with a printed scarf and kept my other accessories to a minimum. No earrings because the scarf was really the only accessory needed!

Put my Goyard Tote to good use with this outfit haha. G bought me this Goyard Tote and I couldn't really think how to style it but this was a perfect match!

And to top it all off, our Kaira slider mules matched nicely.

This look is definitely a more dressed up look than the first one. Just a mini example to show you how one can dress up or down simply by matching it differently and using different accessories!

I kept the same bottom and shoes but the top and accessories made a difference.

Summer finally came out to say hi! Usually Jake is the only one to come all the out to the field. Jake is somewhere behind us haha.

Summer giving me her summer kisses. Today she quite guai and manja. Usually she doesn't really care! Maybe it's because she misses me as she hasn't seen me in a week haha.

My heart. 💕

Dinner at Violet Oon today! Food was amazingly good.

Tiles and shoes.

Pork satay which was greattt. The price here is on the higher side, like $14 for a plate of satay? But they use the freshest ingredients so this is why it is more expensive too. The food tastes delicious though haha.

We had satay, beef rendang, dried laksa...and many others.

Some Peranakan style vegetables which I think my grandma (father's side) cooks!

This was my favorite. Anyone likes them too?

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Saturday, 5 Aug 2017

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Dreamylights @bertillawong Thanks for sharing bert! May I know if you only experience discomfort on day 1 after your ops only? The rest of the days are fine for you? :)

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yuqingteo Hi! Did you purchase your Soley Organics lip balm from their website?

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bluemarsh Hi @bertillawong I read your previous posts and saw that you had used PC skin care for all/almost all the skin care steps (?). You seemed to have switched out of them. May I ask why- Is it because they don't work well? I'm asking because I'm thinking of trying PC

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bertillawong @Dreamylights hello! The first week was more uncomfortable but once the protective lenses were removed within the first week then it was alright already!! :)

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bertillawong @yuqingteo hello! I got it on Icelandic air while on their flight 😂

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bertillawong @bluemarsh Hi babe! PC stopped shipping to Singapore and the Singapore website prices were not competitive enough so I decided to just switch out some! I still use some of their products!!

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jnsh_ HAHAHA OMG i empathise with you about the not blending make up properly part! Hahahahaha! I'm also like this! & it's really a pain to put on make up half blind!

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