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Took a picture last night to show Cayden how horrible he sleeps at night. How he just couldn't sleep nicely instead of turning and tossing and kicking. Few times his leg landed on my face and it hurt goddamn much.

Kids exercising early in the morning. Mae is in that 'bye' tee. Omg her school damn chan compared to those I see here in Dayre. What to do here not much choices. And this school reminds me of my own ex-kindy. It's been operating for 30 over years! Hahaha nostalgic much! Teachers are so experienced here and I'm not worried.

Kids posing for me while waiting for lunch.


Getting more and more like her mother. 😅


What kinda face is this? 😅


When I asked him to pose nicely and show me his handsome face. I wonder where he learn this from.....

Monkey see monkey do!

Day 75

Thursday, 16 Mar 2017

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ivyooi (avatar)

ivyooi The mother genes la obviously!!!!!!

1 year ago

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