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March 2019

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Was craving this after seeing it on @jasraine post!! But her scrambled egg looked more runny than mine! ☚ī¸ Is still delicious nevertheless. Finally can say that I've tried it!

February 2019

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My favourite pb is finally on sale!!! 🎉🎉

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Finally tried nomvnom's burger! Beetroot hummus | kimchi burger

I'm really amazed when I read posts where people mentioned that they do HIIT twice a day within a span of 4 hours!! One hour of HIIT and two hours later, they did another HIIT again!!! And I'm like WHATTTT?!?!?! Dont your muscles need to recover or smth? 😮😰 && They do that for like 3 to 4x a week!

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Hey @jasraine here for your #2 favourite popiah!! 😍â˜ēī¸

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