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Wife, mummy of 2 girls + 1 boy

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Online shopping AGAIN

I honestly don't think I'll lose any weight at the rate I'm eating.

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Men just don't understand

Here I am stuck at home with Handsome or so says the onesie.Hubby has been trying to find an excuse the whole morning not to go over to his mum's place so early because we wanted the girls to nap at home first before the crowd comes and they become super cranky at night without a proper nap. My mil side is HUGE. It's like probably 40 plus relatives because she has 11 siblings and they stay till late. And they are overzealous about hugging kids. And some of them are loud.

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SIX days young

Happy New Year everyone!Suddenly feeling a little sad because I'm going to miss out on CNY again. It's a love hate relationship with CNY. I haven't seen the cousins in a long long time. I wonder how everybody is.And now with 3 kiddos in tow, I think cny is even more challenging if I have to go out. The hubs will be bringing the 2 girls though but will still come back for their naps.

January 2019

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Baby T's Hatch Day

In a few hours.Thank you God for letting him stay in my tummy till today.#dayrepregnancy

I'm just tired

As a daughter in law, certain things are expected of you or you are obligated to do. People keep on telling doesn't matter as I'm pregnant and in the last stage, the in laws or even the husband will understand.Will they?I'm still expected to keep the house clean no matter how tired and how much my back is breaking. I'm still expected to do this and that despite being sick and not having enough sleep everyday.

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