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Things my Gynae say // Baby Fair

During my gynae visit on Wed,

Me: Is the baby head down yet?

Gynae: Yes, it is but it doesn't matter as you are going for c sect.

Me: I tot if the head is down, it's easier to come out?

Gynae: Yes but sometimes the head is swimming around. So I prefer to pull it out by the legs.

Me: 🤯

Gynae: That day a 115kg lady had a c sect and the head was swimming around. I stuck my hand into her belly and pulled the baby's legs out. *laughing*

Me: 🤯 and 🤮

Hubby: *laughing*

This just affirmed my decision to take GA and not epidural.



Annabeth has been nothing but the sweetest daughter.

I was coughing last night while she was sleeping next to me. She suddenly put her hand on me and pat my chest and said, 'It's ok.' and went back to dream land. *♥ melt*

And then in her half asleep state she said, 'I love you.' and smiled. Imagine my ♥ at that moment.

#dayremummies #dayremums


Changed my wooden cabinet display.

I figured since I won't have much time with Annabeth to revise as compared to the school holidays, I rather we just have it on the cabinet for her to look at it when she comes back.

And of course, also a space for Mikaela's art work lar.

Baby Fair

My legs and body aches are killing me from walking at the baby fair and I'm not even half done.

I went with my mum and ended up, she was the one who spent money on me and her granddaughters. She bought the Lao Ban Niang 30 day soup package for me and the herbal bath. And she bought a new pram for her granddaughters just because the old pram couldn't take Annabeth's weight. We settled for Joie pram this round because we can put the car seat on it.

I still haven't bought the IMPORTANT stuff...

Hakaa pump
Baby bottles (still deciding between Avent or Pigeon)
Rompers and mittens for baby T

Day 11

Friday, 11 Jan 2019

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rachyteo (avatar)

rachyteo Awwww!!! Heart melt moment! 😍
Ur Gynae is 😱

1 month ago

bobobimbo (avatar)

bobobimbo She’s soooo sweet!!

1 month ago

beckybexbex (avatar)

beckybexbex @rachyteo yes. I shall treasure such moments. Don't think they'll say it much when they grow up. How r u coping with ur two kids?

1 month ago

beckybexbex (avatar)

beckybexbex @bobobimbo yes she is. Hope she stays that way although I think not for long when they hit a certain age.

1 month ago

chewsays (avatar)

chewsays She is just too sweet.

1 month ago

Jilly12 (avatar)

Jilly12 Hello who is ur gynae?

1 month ago

beckybexbex (avatar)

beckybexbex @Jilly12 hi! He owns a private clinic in the East. :)

1 month ago

lynnieroll (avatar)

lynnieroll Aww! Girls are so sweeet! ❤️

1 month ago

beckybexbex (avatar)

beckybexbex @chewsays @lynnieroll I will miss moments like this when she grows up. :)

1 month ago

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