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Wife, mummy of 2 girls + 1 boy

January 2019

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Baby T's Hatch Day

In a few hours.Thank you God for letting him stay in my tummy till today.#dayrepregnancy

I'm just tired

As a daughter in law, certain things are expected of you or you are obligated to do. People keep on telling doesn't matter as I'm pregnant and in the last stage, the in laws or even the husband will understand.Will they?I'm still expected to keep the house clean no matter how tired and how much my back is breaking. I'm still expected to do this and that despite being sick and not having enough sleep everyday.

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I need to drink more water. I can feel a sore throat coming.My helper is unwell too. And it's just 5 days away to D day. Let's hope we can all recover soon.

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Both girls coughing and having runny nose. Why must this happen now?我真的很累 because of sick and sticky children.

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Anxiously waiting for D day ll Being a SAHM

My girls warming up the cot for their didi.I wonder if they really understand what is happening. Reality will probably set in when they see their didi and mummy's flatter tummy.

Pregnancy jitters

I'm having pregnancy jitters. I took a short 15 minutes nap and I dreamt that I gave birth. And adding on the fact that I have gone to the toilet 5 times to do business but it's not like diarrhea.#dayrepregnancy

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