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January 2019

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36 weeks + 3 days

Baby T, papa and mummy are looking forward to your arrival in less than 2 weeks.Da Jie and Er Jie are also anticipating your arrival although I think your Er Jie doesn't really understand yet.Just know that we love you and we can't wait to see you. :)#dayrepregnancy

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Threw up a total of 8 times this morning.Went to see my gynae this morning. He gave me a jab and ordered me to be on 2 bags of drip.My stomach still feels queasy.I think it was the cup I drank from yesterday. Should have followed my instincts and not drink from that cup.

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I know I'm going to sound suaku...But this is my first time seeing colostrum and having colostrum so early. 😂I was just sitting on the toilet bowl yesterday wondering why my boobs feel so sore. I decided to squeeze the nipples. I had a shock of my life because this is my first time having colostrum before I give birth. I tried squeezing it in my previous pregnancies but nothing came out. Just amazed. Hope this bf journey will be a smooth one. Two more weeks to go! #dayrepregnancy

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Things my Gynae say // Baby Fair

During my gynae visit on Wed,Me: Is the baby head down yet?Gynae: Yes, it is but it doesn't matter as you are going for c sect.Me: I tot if the head is down, it's easier to come out?Gynae: Yes but sometimes the head is swimming around. So I prefer to pull it out by the legs.Me: 🤯Gynae: That day a 115kg lady had a c sect and the head was swimming around. I stuck my hand into her belly and pulled the baby's legs out. *laughing*Me: 🤯 and 🤮Hubby: *laughing*

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Another 2 weeks of this medication before my scheduled c sect.Jiayou baby T! We can do this! 🙏#dayrepregnancy

I'm trying to take things as easy as possible and not be paranoid about the pains I've been feeling at my tummy area.I keep on wondering if it's braxton hicks or contractions. After last Saturdays incident, I've been on my toes. We've washed baby's clothes and mattress covers. Started packing my hospital bag, charged my breast pump and so forth.I somehow just can't shake off the feeling that he might come sooner than expected.#dayrepregnancy

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