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updated 4 weeks ago

make up shopping 🙂

the struggle is real.....

this is my 3rd or 4th bottle?

the reason why i’m gg through this so fast is cuz of the fact that i’m staying over at K’s quite often as well so i’ll get a spare to place it at his place. so yes, this buy is for his place cuz i’ve finished it :’)

wanted to stock up on the benefit primer but Mei said that smashbox is better? so i’m giving this a try cuz i’ve heard gd reviews about this as well.

Kvd powder cuz it’s smol & i just wanna try this out (actually is kena influence cuz the other 2 say it’s worth to try soooooo) & just nice my colourpop loose powder is finishing over at K’s place so can la can la.

THIS IS A WANT. lolol i admit first cuz i just wanted a new lipstick 🙂 am gg to start discarding my colourpop matte gloss cuz it’s getting a bit too drying for my dry lips


Mei had 20% and ugh it is so worth it?!
i got these 4 items for $128. YAS WORTH IT


working at vivo is so toxic halpsssss.
i’m so /thankful/ that it’s only once a week 😂

Day 82

Saturday, 23 Mar 2019

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geraldinetxh (avatar)

geraldinetxh !! omg let me know if kvd one is good!!

4 weeks ago

beccalryx (avatar)

beccalryx @geraldinetxh ok!! let me finish up my colourpop powder first heh

3 weeks ago

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