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Feeling so bloated since last night😣felt so painful whenever i press on my lower tummy😣the pain lasted the night and i woke up at 4am sitting on the toilet bowl for more than half an hour😴diarrhoea but the bloatness is still there😩and started to feel the mild cramp got my pad on and gone back to sleep☹️

So baby birdie slept quietly under the bed whole night👍🏻the moment we took him out from the dark spot he immediately jumped sakai-ly in the container as though we have starved him for years😑

Fed him the remaining crickets and he was all happy again wtf😑

Breakfast🍞🍳🍜with him before sending him to work👫

Too dirty after outstation..brought her for shower after dropping baby off to work💦🚗

Went Giant after that..just randomly decided to go last minute coz wanted to go get back baby's slippers his slippers went missing few weeks back and was wearing his gai gai shoes since then.

Lol not expensive one pun..RM16 Asadi slippers😅he said convenient for him since it's plastic slippers hahah

Came home to no water💦💦cannot do my laundries😑

Sommore tummy not feeling so well I kept wanting to go toilet i think i almost gonna use up the tangki water dy😣

Day 163

Monday, 12 Jun 2017

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