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updated 11 months ago

Baby had told his mom about my "sickness"😑he was so worry about my health he called his mom for consultation wtf😲wanted to keep this a low profile but then ended up making everyone worries😓

But on the bright side i was really happy about him being the gan jeong dai si😍

So his mom said i cannot take vegetables😱coz they are 'cold'😦gotta take meat meat meat🍗🍖🍗🍖or 'warm' food😕

Had mcd for lunch thanks for no cold food i had to top up RM1.60 to my set meal to switch to hot milo😑

Not sure is it the milo i had major stomachache the wind💨💨💨in the tummy was so terrible the pain left me sat in the toilet for half an hour..thank god there weren't many ppl come in and out of the toilet since it's after-work hours else I'll be having stressful shitting and farting session wtf😷

Day 167

Friday, 16 Jun 2017

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