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Happy New Year to everyone!

I wanted to go for countdown and watch fireworks after my exam, but I didn't, too tired from exam? Hahaha..

So, I went home and Dayre about my year instead. Then, I waited for the clock to strike 12 at midnight by watching Sofia Vergara on Ellen. I welcomed 2016 with a good laugh!

Good start, isn't it!

Thank you so much for the feedback, TFM!

My sister really appreciate the feedback! #DayreEducators rock! I like reading what other educators faced, and I believe educators should unite.

My sister just wrote on her Dayre (@bahirahkhalid ) how the feedback was the best thing of her year. And here is the reason why.

I don't have much to say because I never experience teaching, always on the other side of the table hahaha, as a student.

But, I have a few amazing lecturers this semester. In constructivism, teachers need to train students for higher level thinking and be able to solve problems. That's what one of my lecturer did. He gave us 360 video assignment, he provided the equipment & we figured it out on our own with minimal guidance. It was painful, sigh, but at the end of it, learn so much!

Another one of my lecturer is an advocate of social constructivism. She encourages collaborative learning among students, initiated discussions, and builds interpersonal relationship with students. She is very close with her students. She would come on weekend so that we can meet and discuss. She made us feel assured that we can ask questions without feeling inferior. She gives constructive feedback, neverrr a bad one. It was never yes-or-no, always recommendations.

There is a framework model called Community of Inquiry. It combines social presence, cognitive presence and teaching presence to create an educational setting with good learning climate, content and discourse. I think I can see a real-life application of the model by this lecturer.

Ohaii Oliver.
I think of educators as superheroes. Educators go against all odds to give the best they can to learners. We, on the other side of the class can sometimes not realised that. But, we are doing our best too. It just that 'best' for everyone is subjective. We all have different ability. I believe that good educators inspire learners to do better, try harder.

I love it when my teachers tell me "I know you can do better. Here's what you can do...". That never fail to work. I love it.

Day 1

Friday, 1 Jan 2016

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siewphing (avatar)

siewphing Happy new year ! Didn't know you in person but love reading your posts. Hope u have a great year ahead.

2 years ago

bahiyahkhalid (avatar)

bahiyahkhalid @siewphing Happy New Year to you too! Wish you an amazing year ahead! Hehehehe i have great seniors to learn from like you, Guen and Jean Ray hehehe.. I always look forward to your posts too! Happeee New Year!

2 years ago

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