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My 2015


In January, I sat for my final finals (lulz) of my degree. I had my marketing papers, humanities and also language paper. It was one heck of a journey throghout the four years of my undergrad years. And after the exam, I will have to start preparing for my internship.

My family went for a farewell dinner too near the end of the month before my sister left Penang for her practical teaching at Perak.


After my sister had settled down, I went to spend the weekend with her.

She stayed at my grandma's house that used to be rented and are taken care of by my uncle. My grandma kept an old refrigerator cuz it kind of still functioning. But, the freezer is a bit weird, it gets Artic cold quickly and we couldn't control it. So, I tried cleaning the freezer, scraping out frozen ice.

You can't just work and no play right, so I made tiny snowmen. But sigh, Olaf melted so quickly in the hot weather.

While I was there, I die die have to go to Along Char Kuey Teow. I went there with my sister, a friend and mt brother cousin. The CKT there is the bomb! Couldn't find any other place that can beat their CKT. *salivating*


March marked the beginning of my internship at L'Oreal Malaysia.

Internship is compulsory for me to graduate. Students have to undergo four-month internship starting March till June. But, I voluntarily applied for six-month instead. So, my intership lasted until August. I did that because I don't want to be idle at home. So, I chose to do it this way. At least I will still be learning, and I can earn some money too.

And I applied for L'Oreal and only L'Oreal. Risque. But, I want it so bad!

I want it so bad until I cannot imagine myself applying for other companies and white-lying myself that I 'might like' that too. I didn't want to create a safety net, I feel like it will demotivate me to try my hardest.

The risk that I took was all worth it because I had a blast at L'Oreal! The first month itself was insane. Everything was new to me & made the experience even more exciting. We had a Beauty Advisors' conference at Pullman Bangsar. And had an amazing team-bonding & dinner too!


After the conference and zone visit in March, I got the chance to visit to our warehouse at Shah Alam before we move everything to a new warehouse. The place was huge! And I got to ride this crane while we were doing stock-check. The crews there were so cool, they took the crane higher so that I get to see the view. And of course, I had to take a photo! I took a video too with them but I have transferred the video to my laptop.

It was high and I was kinda shaking hahahaha...

My sister was under a lot of stress during her practical and she came to me during a weekend.

I decided to take her to Genting for a surprise day trip.

We played, and we sat down to chat since outdoor rides are closed anyway. We talked about her classes, project. She had to conduct a camp. So, we planned for it. We talked about almost everything needed like timeline, itenary, games, and lessons. She wanted to make it practical & used the multiple intelligence theory. She made mystery game for critical thinking, giant board game for logical, marketing presentation for creativity & soft skills, etc.
It was fun & I wasnt there to see it. -.-


I started to get homesick and wanting to go back a lot.

It was a lot of bus rides (you name it, Nice, Aeroline, Shamisha, haha) and sometimes I fly.

Work remained amazing L'Oreal. I always had new things to learn as I got more and more responsibilities.

L'Oreal is huge on celebration too! We had something happening every month!

In May, we had Mother's Day celebration where I won Lancome La Vie Est Belle perfume & Genefique eyecream which I gave to my mom. I received L'Oreal Paris lipsticks from my colleague, Karlisyle and the Garnier Olia paddle brush from my Garnier team!



It's Raya time!!!

And my entire division of Consumer Products Division(CPD) had a Raya feast & quarter 1 & 2 success celebration at The Good Batch. We totally occupied the entire restaurant.

It was a really good time! But wait, let me rewind, did we had this before or after Raya. Hmmm.. I think this was our Buka Puasa feast. Our Raya celebration was at Serai @ Paradigm Mall. Hmmm.. I've been eating ants a lot lately.


It was my final month in L'Oreal. This one was at my auntie's new cafe-cum-bakery where she partnered up with her German husband and some friends to open a German bakery at TTDI, named Der Backmeister. It was gooooood and I am not biased teeheee~ I have my friends to testify!
Had farewell lunches & dinner but no photo (regretsss) because I was enjoying & chatting, totally forgot about photos. Had lunch with Guen @ Du Viet, colleagues @ Wondermilk, team @ Bulgogi Bro, close friends @ Arab food😂


Then, I went home for good, no more homesickness, and ready to start my Master's.

I received this for completing my internship too! Didn't open the envelope until I reached home! Hahaha.. I feelss very satisfied!

First week of September, I started my classes, Master's in Instructional Multimedia. Wanted to learn somethinf about digital marketing but couldn't find it, so I improvised!

I was busy right after I got home too, preparing documents for registration, did medical check-up, students loans and moarr..


I was away visiting various places to record 360 videos for an assignment. Went to Gunung Jerai, archeological site at Merbok, Bujang Valley, and a few more.

It was day-to-night, day-trip so we went to Kedah twice to cover all the locations. Also went to Pantai Merdeka, took a boat, went to a jetty for sunset shot, and it was tiring hahaha.. But amazinggg experience, even more amazing views!

At the same time, I was also busy with a university team, promoting our convocation expo where we invited celebrities & personalities to perform, give talks, etc. We had social media contests, road tours and more for publicity.


November was filled with more assignments, like this one we were filming an advertisement video for a coffee shop.

And then, my graduation! For my undergraduate studies. It was awesome and weird to start studying post-grad before an official graduation, because I applied for my Master without a transcript!

*drumroll* December!!!

The busiest month of all. Reports to submit, prototype too, a lot of projects, we even got a two-week notice for a final 3D project. Insane!

But, I made it through the tough times!

I have sat for two papers for finals on the 28th and today, and I am sooo ready for 2016 despite having three more killer papers this January harharhar *weak laugh* #pumpfist!

Day 365

Thursday, 31 Dec 2015

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jeanray21hippo (avatar)

jeanray21hippo @bahiyahkhalid what a nice write up yo!
I'm been MIA from this platform for so longg hahah 😂 Anyway, Happy New Year and have a great year ahead!

2 years ago

bahiyahkhalid (avatar)

bahiyahkhalid @jeanray21hippo i miss youuu here! Welcome back! Hehehe... I just got back too after MIA hahaha.. Happy New Year to you too! May 2016 be an awesome one! Hope you write when you have time, I love reading your posts!

2 years ago

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