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Uhm, actually this is not going to be about me, but my twin sister.

She is a 23-years old TESOL graduate from USM, Penang and earlier this year she had her practical at a secondary school (at Parit Buntar) where her students had never passed English exams. I don't blame them, honestly.

So, my sister put in a lot of effort in making the students enjoy her classes. She basically had to teach the students from ground up.

She put in a lot of time connecting with the students too, understanding where they come from, and their learning styles, all that. She prepared a lot of teaching-aids tailored to the students' learning pace.

At the same time, she was also in-charge of the school's debate team. She trained them with another practical teacher and a temporary teacher. The school's team never passed the preliminary round, and then boom! They made it to semi-final with tears and joy hehe..

After the mid-year exams, some of her students passed their English paper for the first time! I was the proudest sister at that moment!

After her practical tho, she is determined to experiment and explore instead of just following the common path ie: apply for posting through KPM and get allocated to a government school. She wanted to see how else she can improve herself (and the education system).

So, she worked for a lecturer in tutoring university students for a paper, ICT for Education.

I know that she was very hands-on with her students. It is ICT after all, students need to learn through practical learning. One thing that I admire about my sister was that she had a student who kept skipping classes and submitting assignment that was below par compared to other students. But, before grading, she informed her Dr. (lecturer she worked for), that the student was in hospital with a condition and about to get his/her (lol cannot tell you guys) legs amputated.

The student had an accident and is on wheelchair eversince the accident. And due to the location of the lab, he/she has difficulty coming to class.

At the same time, he/she struggled with infection. It got worst, which led to the need for amputation. The student had to skip classes and did assignment from hospital.

Thankfully my sister made the effort to find out about the student, taking into account the effort that the student made to do his work despite the unfortunate circumstances.

Anyway, her gig lasted a semester, and ending this month as the lecturer is going on sabbatical.

Her next adventure will be at an international school where she will be a teaching assistant for primary students. She is quite excited for this as she gets to experience how international (UK) education system works. We came from government school, and this chance, it is once in a lifetime.

I am excited for her journey as well and I truly respect her for continuously learning.


Ok, now must be good girl and go study for an exam tomorrow.

Here is a photo of my twin sisturr before I go.

And one with her students. She's at the back, blending in like a high school girl again.

Day 364

Wednesday, 30 Dec 2015

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krthkk (avatar)

krthkk It's really nice to read about your twin sister. Some of the challenges you have laid are what teachers go through as they are first posted in schools. I'm glad she would be exposed to the different curriculum, and function as an extension from her experience later.

All the best to your sister and yourself! Happy new year 😀

2 years ago

sweatlee (avatar)

sweatlee Aww thanks for writing about her, she sounds like a great teacher!!

2 years ago

bahiyahkhalid (avatar)

bahiyahkhalid @krthkk @sweatlee Thank youuuuu!! Thank you so much! :D And Happy New Year to you two! May 2016 be an amazing one! *pops confetti* 👑👑💃💃

2 years ago

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