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Random Updates/Christmas Gifts!

Coco’s face is HILARIOUS here please gagahahahaz. She’s halfway through her yawn 😂

Design & Comfort

Hiiiie Dayre!

Hehe attended the rebranding launch of Design & Comfort yesterday and I gotta say their upcoming collections are reallllly nice!

I’m wearing their pumps and my jumpsuit is upcoming on ShopSassyDream this Sunday! ❤️

Oh yes, the bag Im carrying is from D&C too! Haha I borrowed it from their display shelf for this photo. 😂

Love & Bravery

Modelled for Love & Bravery’s styling session by DreaChong last weekend to celebrate their 4th store opening. 🎉 fun experience!

Btw their new store is located at Wisma Atria, right opposite Yole!!

The outfits! 😍

The bosses of LAB!

The Tinsel Rack

Then on Sunday, I went to TTR’s NEW store at the east, Tampines One!!!

Many online stores opened at Tamp One!

Bagged home this pair of striped shorts. So preeeettty! Wore it out the next day 😂

I’m wearing their Nixon Flare Top which I’ve been eyeing ever since they first launch it. I remember it being OOS when I wanted to cart haha.

I believe this is a new colour! (Previous picture also Nixon Flare Top)

I’m Into sage green recently.

One with Serlyn and @joycesayshello!


@/giftorigins (IG)

These are from Giftorigins!

You can find them on Instagram. They don’t have a dot com but y’al can very text them via DM or WhatsApp to customize your stuff! I usually like to gift customized stuff because.... idk but I just like it! 😂

Badges are too cute! 🎄🎁

Prices start at $11.90, depending on the customization!

@/ohfridayishere (IG)

They customize these desk frames. I think it’s nice for couples (esp those that just gotten their new house!), cuz can add two names!

Also nice for your boss/colleague etc because....

You can write a name like “Mary” then below can write like “best boss ever!” Hahahaha then can display in office etc etc.

Here’s mine!

Keeping these to display in our future house hahaha.


I previously featured this Good Intentions Locket Necklace.

Bascially there’s a meaning behind each colour like yellow being wealth, light green being strength, red being passion, pink being love & life etc.

Quite meaningful eh?

I’ve been wearing this necklace 24/7 as seen on my OOTDs on IG caz recently I’m kinda into necklaces hahaha.

They also have the “Initial Necklace”!

There’s a promo going on now till 12/12 okie.

I bought 1 batch already to give out as X’mas gifts already. Hahahaha.

P/s: love this sage green dress!!! It’s from Lechic! 🤗

Day 340

Thursday, 6 Dec 2018

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lalalapom (avatar)

lalalapom Hello may I know where did you get the pants from the third pic? :)

4 months ago

aclee (avatar)

aclee Hi, can I know what size are u wearing for TTR Nixon top? Thanks!

3 months ago

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