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updated 5 months ago

And sooo, I (finally) got a mini rect! I had been waiting SO long for the perfect colour to come by. Actually I’ve always been (secretly) drooling over @mintyvintage’s mini rect in this shade of Coral Pink 😂

So one day I showed @bBernice a picture of this mini rect in this exact colour and just mentioned that waaaaa I want this colourrrrrrrr but it’s impossible to find it in boutiques. meh....😪 and I don’t dare to buy preloved from people I don’t know! (Carousell)

THEN few days later, Bernice told me that Valerie is selling her piece(!!!) LOL honestly I thought Bernice got the wrong info because why would someone sell this bag, the colour is SO nice.

HAHA but end up it’s true and I was sooooo happy 🤗🤗🤗 cuz given the recent price increase, buying a mini rect in stores is realllllllly expensive. PLUS it’s the EXACT colour I want! Why not, right? and the condition is superb, like new.

I’m always in such colours and dresses, a mini rect in Coral Pink really goes well with I’d say 80% of my outfits! I painted my toe nails this shade of pink during my last pedicure yknw. (before I bought this bag) 😂😅

P/s: dress above launching tonight at 8.30pm on #NEONMELLO!

I’m really happy to own this piece in this colour and in the perfect shade of LGHW. 🤩

It’s also the same shade as my O case, and also the reason why I fell in love with this colour because it matches most of my outfits. Now I’m undecided if I should let go of my Ocase, pffft!

I had always been kicking myself for not buying this small Boy in this unicorn-ish shade of pink. I saw it in Bangkok last year and I decided to go back and “think about it”.

I ended up with a decision to buy it because I had always wanted a Chanel Bag in pink and I went back the next day and it was sold out....... dang. 💁🏻‍♀️

As said in my caption on my IG story. 😂

Anyway thankfully I didn’t! Because my mini rect in that shade of coral pink is even more gorgeous and I kinda grew out of the “BOY” phase already!

I can finally close the chapter of “goddamnit I really regret not buying that UNICORN”.

Thanks for reading and letting me share my joy!!! 💕💕💕

Day 312

Thursday, 8 Nov 2018

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whitechoco (avatar)

whitechoco Hahaha i spotted this bag in your IG story! Lol.. keep both! If not gotta buy another O case? Unless you dont want to use it hehe

5 months ago

audreyxaudrey (avatar)

audreyxaudrey @whitechoco hahahaha!! Yayyyy. I think I’ll keep lah! Just toying with the idea. 😂

5 months ago

W2506 (avatar)

W2506 Do share an updated bag collection! 😍😍😍 so pretty this coral color 😊

5 months ago

mintyvintage (avatar)

mintyvintage You don't make me regret lah, it's so pretty in your pics 😂 it really suits you though because of your dressing!

5 months ago

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